My new torches ~ see text

Hacked again !!

The poor old Dyson, collapsed on the landing !

After the recent power cut I decided I must have torches handy whichever room I was in, in case of more trouble ~ it was 10.20pm when it went off the other night and I was left in pitch blackness and very nervous about tripping over ~ I stood very still to visualise path from sofa to front door and managed that OK ~ opening the door was no help as it was a pitch black night and our street lights had gone off too ~ I knew where the torch was and nervously felt my way along kitchen work top and found it, but it gave a poor light though it did get me clumsily up to bed ~ I realised then that I must have stronger torches, and have them around the house, so ordered three on Amazon and here they are including a very powerful camping flash light with 19 bulbs in it !   I'll keep one of the smaller ones by my bed, one in here, one on the table by the sofa, and the big one in the kitchen ~ I'm now ready for anything !

More HACKING : Someone has really got it in for me ~ yesterday morning an email popped up apparently from my Grandson Dan at York University ~ the hist of it was," I'm feeling so ill and practically passing out ... "   The tone was so urgent and distressed that I didn't stop to think about it but rang Georgie at work to see if she had had one too ~ NO !    She texted Danwhile I sent a supportive email ~ but if he really was ill, why would tell me, his old Granny way over in Whitby ?  He'd surely contact his mother, Kate, who would either be at work in Halifax or at home in Heptonstall ~ slowly I realised this was another hack but it was Dan's computer that had been hacked into and the message sent from him !   And I was the target AGAIN of their malicious prank as nobody else seems to have received the SOS ~ all very odd, but no harm done as Dan quickly sent word that he was fine but busy, and that the email had not been sent by him.  Mysterious, but I can't help suspecting that both these recent events have come from the same source ~ if I get any more trouble I shall name the suspects on the blog though I have already reported this and the 'stranded in the Ukraine # please send £2,500 ...'  to ~ they now have a file with THREE attacks noted  (the first one was back in 2013 when one of these Jokers froze my blog and threatened to delete it unless . . . UNLESS I observe his/their demands !   Damned cheek !

 Saturday morning : Oh my stars !    Feeling full of energy, I decided it was time I checked the filter in the ball of the Dyson cleaner ~ I've done this many times, of course, but this morning a) could not remove cover to remove filter, and b) then could not close it up again so I'm left with Dyson sprawled on the landing ~ see pic ~ I'll have to catch one of the fellows in the yard ~ Mary's son, Mus, or Helen's husband at number 7 with their four children !   How can I be so stupid ?   So bloody clumsy and cack-handed (whatever CACK might mean !) ?   

Yesterday Mary very kindly planted the new solar lights up on the high wall alongside the sphere which sits so happily there, looking as if it is floating in the air, and changing colour all the time.   We weren't sure whether these new ones ~ three branches adorned with leaves of light ~ was actually switched on ~ it is always a problem with these solar lights, fathoming out whether they are switched on or not ~ a pity the manufacturers cannot devise a better clearer system.

Chris Dove popped in to get me to sign card for Brian at our Post Office who is retiring after 35 years and more, and that was after a career in the Police ~ he is my age, 82 but is only retiring now that the PO is moving into Andersons Newsagents and toy shop : "I'm not ready to retire !"

 After lunch : thank goodness, I have managed to remove filter from Dyson bal ~ I've washed it and now it's drying on a cloth in a colander on the Aga ~ meanwhile the machine must stay where it is on the landing ~ maybe I should get a spare fliter B ~ even at this late stage ~ otherwise with both of them it means waiting 24 hours or longer till filter is absolutely dry ~ for the other one Filter A I did get a spare a couple of years ago so there is no problem there.   Time for a flop, me thinks . . .