Oh, no, NO !

At Christmas I gave Kalen next door the NINE MEN'S MORRIS board game which has been mouldering in the bureay for years, and I gave Kirsty a copy of my novel : "Nine Men's Morris" but this morning to my horror John told me that twelve year old Kalen is reading it !!!   What !   Oh, surely not !   It is in part the story of the sexual abuse of four sisters by their father !   As nobody was in next door by the time I had absorbed the situation, I typed out a note for them and popped it through their door, begging them to recover the book from their boy as quickly as possible ~ I guess the wacky cover of the book led them to believe it was a book for children ~ hope he hadn't really got into it ~ apart from anything else, I'd have thought he would find it boring.   Oh dear.  After my bath, I put a spud in the oven and settled down to read this "The Rice Mother" book till it was supper time, and Lloyd rang, Lloyd Caddick, Canon Lloyd Caddick from Peterborough way, a dear friend from our Bristol childhoods ~ well, actually my brother David's best friend at BGS ~ we do keep in touch by email, but he hasn't phoned since we caught up with each other again, after he spotted my obituary for our mother in the Guardian and got in touch ~ a good long chat ~ he was such a handsome boy but in his fifth form days at BGS went down with TB and after two years in isolation hospital had one lung removed ~ as he said tonight, he has survived 64 years and held down a busy job as a country parson, at one time having four parishes under his wing !   In my teens I was madly in love with Lloyd and Mother always said it was a pity he had not married me ~ perhaps I would then have had a more respectable life, though I don't think I was cut out to be a vicar's wife.   So good to chat, bless him.   

Soon after he first got in touch, Lloyd and his wife Gill came up to Whitby, staying at the Shepherd's Purse for three nights ~ John was here with me still and we had very happy getting- to-know-you-again evenings.   They had all been to Oxford except me.

So much hoo-hah about David Cameron's achievements in Brussels ~ several commentators are pooh-poohing his claims as insignificant.    Every news bulletin is dominated by analysis and pontifications which is already getting a bit boring # guess it will go on relentlessly until the Referendum on June 23rd.