Squeeky clean Aga tops ~ they can only be scrubbed when Aga is cold.

Charlie and Lo's twins

Oh my goodness ~ Helen's daughter Charlie regularly puts pictures of her 5 month old twins Frankie and Mostyn on Facebook but today's video is adorable ~ their first night sharing a cot and tiny as they are fighting each other fiercely ~ punching and kicking each other as if to say, "THis is my cot" ~yet they were happy enough, presumably, sharing Charlie's womb !   Yet here they are bashing each other with hands and feet until exhausted they settle down to sleep !   They must have forgotten their pre-natal togetherness.

Sue was here this morning and, bless her heart, gave the sitting room a good going over ~ there is so much stuff in there I have not known where to start ~ now all clean and tidy, and she did the stairs and kitchen too ~ wonderful !   Cleaning the Dyson filters on Saturday I seem to have put the ball back together wrongly as we could not fit the dust cylinder ~ I'll have another go now or I'll wait till David is here next and see if he can sort it out though I am always asking him for help, poor bloke, and when he is here he always has plenty to do on number 4 ! I must have put the ball back skew-whiff ~ mustn't force it for fear of breaking something !   What an idiot I am !  

Talking of David, we had a chat with his visitors on Saturday out on the yard, John and Chris Dove and I, and they said how much they had enjoyed their brief stay and wished they could have been here longer but with two children, primary aged, they had to get back to Manchester for school on Monday.

Hope the buggers who have been hacking me have got the message ~ any more harrassment and I shall name them here and tell the story they are so anxious about and reveal their identities to the ACTION FRAUD brigade !    I've been bullied by them long enough ~ they know very well who they are and I know too ~ they have been warned !I

Tuesday morning : Came down to discover the Aga had gone out over night ~ could not even boil a kettle but brought electric one down from attic ~ sent SOS to my stalwart friends Gowan and Robert but no response from them by midday so rang Country Warmth in Norton, Malton way and after brief consultation with her boss, I was told an engineer who is in the area this morning will pop in around 1pm and get me switched back on ~ and AT NO CHARGE !!!   How kind !   Bless them all ~ it was from Country Warmth that I bought the Aga when I first moved up here, and they have serviced it annually for the last 27 years but this really is incrediblu good of them ~ I was fully expecting to pay.   One useful thing, while it is cold I have given the hot plates and covers a jolly good scrob with wire wool and they look splendid but apart from that, without the Aga there is a chill right through the house.

4pm ~ Yes, Nick the Aga engineer turned up as promised at 1.30 and before re-lighting it checked to see why it might have gone out ~ all working again now though it takes six hours or more to heat up ~ thank goodness and they didn't charge me.   Sue rang to see if I was OK ~ Robert and Eddy had got my SOS.   So many caring friends.   Made an order for Sainsbury's which will be delivered between 9.30 and 10.30 in the morning ~ another wonderful help and the way I am these days I could not survive without it ~ I really am yard bound !   But perfectly contented with my lot.

5.15pm and Aga should be hot enough to scramble me an egg.   More pictures of Charlie, Loo and their twins, all looking so happy.   And our other Charlie, Georgie's baby Charlie Gray looks wonderfully happy too and always surrounded by small children.

Tuesday night and another episode of this fascinating program about family life in bygone times ~ tonight we've reached the 1980s I think.

Wednesday evening : Starting up to bed last night I found all the lights on this floor and in the attic were off ~ must be a fuze but no idea how to deal with it and in any case can't reach fuze box above front door ~ I was jolly thankful to have invested in these three powerful torches though had not expected to be needing them so soon.   Sainsbury's delivery here at 9.0am and when I'd dealt with that I went down the yard to Crystal's House where John and Simon were busy on restoration and very kindly Simon came up, sorted out the fuze, changed the bulb on this landing which must have blown and caused the problem ~ he did explain what to do if it happens again, but a) I can't reach the fuze box and b) even if I could, I couldn't see what was what.


Tomorrow I go to Scarborough for CATARACT ASSESSMENT so do hope they can improve my sight ~ typing here I have to zoom in to 150% or I can't see a bloody thing.

Channel 4 are pursuing this business of the Conservatives overspending to the tune of thousands of pounds at recent by-elections !   And today we hear that although it is supposed to be a fair contest IN or OUT of Europe, the OUT lot will not have access to statistics or other help from Civil Servants !   At the end of the News John Snow sang a duet with the woman he had just been interviewing ~ "On the Street Where You live ..." ~ I've read that as a lad he was a chorister at Winchester Cathedral.   One night a while back when there had been a news story about the sale of a Stradivarius violin, under close scrutiny of armed guards, Cathy played us out on the priceless instrument ~ she could have made a career as a violin solist, we were told.

Barbara popped round after my flop ~ she always rings first : "Are you awake ?   Are you busy ?   Shall I pop round for a chat ?"   In part she came to take a selection of spools of ribbons to the Trinity Centre which is appealing for craft materials ~ if they are any use to them, in addition to another 70 or so spools of ribbon all in different colours, I seem to have sheets of card, coloured sugar paper, felt tipped pens, high lighters of all colours etc ~ I can't think I'll be doing any more of my ribbon readings, not with such feeble sight.   Talking about them, Barbara says she still has the readings I did for her years ago ~ one bunch of ribbons hangs in her kitchen, one in her bedroom.   Probably it was all rubbish, though it was pretty amazing the number of times my quewrents either dissolved in tears or exclaimed in astonishment at how acurately the colours they had chosen, the colours they HADN'T CHOSEN, the order in which they were chosen and finally the length of the pieces of ribbon they had cut ~ how from all these simple elements so much could be discovered of personality.   I never found a serious apprentice so I'm afraid this simple analytical system will be lost when I die ~ unless with catacts removed I can produce a simple instruction book ~ we'll see !

Friday morning : Very late getting up but then yesterday had been fairly stressful ~ Richard was already here working on Peter's garden ~ he'd been here since 7.30 !   He sorted out the Dyson for me although he couldn't have a mug of coffee as he was worried about getting a parking ticket ~ I had indeed not aligned something when I put back the clean filters but nothing was damaged ~ currently no problems outstanding !!   I must try not to shout for help all the time ~ what withEYES and feeble HANDS I'm pretty useless.

The facecloths have come from BETZ a German firm and they really are super ~ super soft towelling in sand and blue stripes !   Sounds silly getting new ones at my stage of life but all the others had become threadbare and honestly unfit for purpose.

two of the soft terry facecloths from German company, BETZ