the excellent Swiss magnifying glass they have given me ~ and it certainly does help !

Reading Aid

This is the gadget they gave me at Scarborough Eye Clinic yesterday ~ I was assessed for it a couple of weeks back but at the time there was no money left in the kitty ~ it is Swiss made and while very simple in design it does seem to work well.   With  such poor sight, I'm having to zoom in to 150% in order to read screen which means I have to move back and forth allong each line as only about half appears at a time ~ makes me slow but at least I can still type.

The bad news yesterday was that there is a good deal of wear and tear to the eyes and although cataract ops will help they wont restore my sight completely.   The Eye Surgeon originally from Syria though not a refugee ~ he's been here for years, will get the cataracts done within next 2 or 3 weeks so that is good.   Apparently the actual operation is not painful ~ the problem is lying there for 9 or 10 minutes without moving the eyeball !   I find it hard enough with the ARMD injections and they are over in a flash.

Yesterday's visit to Scarborough Eye Clinic did not go smoothly ~ my appointment was at 2.30 and as always I was ready from 12.30 but taxi didn't come till gone 2pm ~ there had been a misunderstanding and Patient Transport had thought I was only going to Whitby Hospital though I would scarcely ask for transport from them ~ I would have booked a Good Neighbours car ~ SO we were late arriving in Scarborough but they dealt with me anyway ~ there were four different people involved ~ a nurse for first two test, then the Syrian Consultant, and once he had decided to operate I saw the Pre-Med nurse who had a hundred questions to ask about my health to which I was rather chuffed to be able to anser NO to all ~ heart, lungs, bowels, bladder, brain ~ every damn thing except BLOOD PRESSURE and the pills I take for that are very mild and BP usually registers around 125/75 which is perfect ~ I only know the score because BP is tested every time I go to Brid ~ yesterday it was up a bit but probably because of the new environment and new team though our Syrian friend is sometimes in volved in our treatment at Bridlington.   I am carefully NOT naming him as last time I was over there, the staff insisted I must not name any of the team on my blog, though I would only have had highly appreciative comments to make.

Richard was in the yard from 7.30am after he'd dropped Jack off at the building site where he is doing an apprenticeship ~ I grabbed him just as he was finishing and bless him he fixed the problem on the Dyson ~ nothing was broken but I had not aligned two parts properly ~ what a wonderful man.

Last night was so exhausted by trip To Scarborough that for once I couldn't be bothered with a bath ~ going for one now at 5pm ~ The trouble at Scarborough was waiting around after my appointment for Patient Transport to collect me and bring me home ~the Enquiry Desk was closed and tables were being piled up while cleaners swept and mopped floor ~ the coffee bar was still open but even though I had some money on me I simply could not cope with queueing up, giving order, finding money, and carrying mug to a table ~ I really am useless !  So sat cold and anxious in case nobody was going to come for me until at 6pm an ambulance DID come and got me home just before 7pm ~ I knew I could not walk up the yard in the dark nor find keyhole so was thankful when one of the crew got me to the door and opened it and waited until I'd put some lights on ~ very kind of him.   If I'd known how late it would be before I got home I would have taken one of my new torches with me ~ I'll know next time.   More or less collapsed with pot of tea to watch Ch/4 News and then not having eaten since breakfast made bacon and egg and fried bread.l 

Saturday 4pm : The magnifier is a help ~ if I am reading on the sofa under the Serious Reader standard lamp I don't need to switch the light on in the thing ~ otherwise I do ~ thank you NHS ~ Barbara bless her has offered either to come with me when I go for cataract op OR be here with kettle on when I get back ~ how kind ~ there will probably be a lot of hanging around waiting for transport as there was the other day ~ in future I must take a torch with me even if I am going for a morning appointment ~ without the young man with me I don't know how I'd have got home or found the keyhole !

Charlie sends me regular emails from Royston, Herts ~ watching "Philomena" again last night it made me realise how lucky we are that when she reached 18 Charlie contacted Georgie, her birth mother ~ though I think at the very same time Georgie was looking for her ~ heart breaking stories from Ireland # bloody po-faced nuns, bloody Catholic Church ~ how could they snatch the babies from theor mothers, mostly teenagers, and as often as not in trouble as they used to say thanks to a randy priest !

Annie came round to check dates when Sanders lived here (1750=1929) and where they went after selling the house together with all the cottages in the yard which amounted to about twenty (including facing terrace which was demolished between the wars) ~ all but the white house, now Tom and Mary's, for a total of £300 ~ I think the cottages were in a pretty poor condition with rates and mice and fleas and bugs which was apparently the general condition of all the old cottages in these yards.

I'd better set out the dates for Chris who is writing a history of Whitby Yards which he has nearly finished.   [Monday 4pm and have not started on them yet.]