My sister Helen's magnificent "stained glass" window ~ each panel made from a dozen or more patches ~ taken from inside

Leap Year Day

At 9am Scarborough Hospital rang to offer me a slot for cataract operation on Sunday, Sunday next that is, Mothering Sunday ~ before agreeing I phoned Alan to get him to contact Kate as she had offered to come over and drive me there and back once I had a date but not sure she'd want to be away from her boys on Mothering Sunday ~ Alan felt sure it would be OK so without actually speaking to her I went ahead and agreed ~ I'm booked in for 10am and shoukd be home here soon after midday so Kate can settle me in before setting off for home ~ perhaps she'll stop off in York for an hour with Dan ~ in any case she should be home before dark ~ do hope she agrees to all this ~ the idea is that she comes over on Saturday so that we can set off in good time on Sunday ~ I'm so grateful to her, and it will be nice to have her to myself for a few hours on Saturday ~ I've put the electric blanket on in the attic and will do so for a couple of hours each day for rest of week.

One thing I now have to do is bathe my eyes 3 or 4 times a day with fresh cotton bud for each eye in mug of boiled water with a few drops of baby shampoo in it (which wont sting) to ensure eye lashes are perfectly clean ~ of course had no BABY shampoo but Ellen bought me some and popped it through the door while I was flopping ~ I have done it once already and must keep it going between now and Sunday ~ do feel a bit nervous though everyone tells me it is quite painless and the only challenge is keeping the eye ball perfectly still for 9 or 10 minutes.   I'm not allowed to name EYE TEAM but I hope it is the Syrian surgeon who dealt with me last week at the assessment ~ I feel I'm getting to know him as once or twice he's been one of the Macular Degeneration team at Bridlington.

David is here at number 4 again and came up for a chat ~ he is getting rave comments in his Visitors Book.   The magnifying glass they gave me at Scarborough last week is a help though I do have to run it along the line of text which slows me down but at least I can read.

Helen has sent us all pictures of her wonderfully colourful window decorations ~ apparantly there is a 3 day event in her area of Bristol for decorated windows ~ hers are decorated with glorious panels of brightly coloured and patterned cloth and the result is like stained glass !

 Wednesday pm : yesterday went along for coffee with Annie and Chris in Blackburns Yard, and Mike Dawson too ~ all very friendly and jolly with good coffee (different from mine but good) and scrumptious biscuits ~ I was the youngest of the four of us but I'm feeling so frail these days that I was glad Mike walked me home afterwards.   Later Annabel came in for a chat and all her news is good.

Slight change to plan for Sunday : instead of Kate driving me to Scarborough and back before she sets off for home, the idea now is that Georgie meets up with us at Eye Clinic and maybe we'll have an hour together and coffee before Kate sets off home, possibly calling in on Dan in York en route and Georgie brings me back here ~ this gives them each a share of the driving / mileage.   It will be good to see them both on Mothering Sunday.

A friendly chat with Will ~ Ben has had a couple of weeks out in US having won the trip as the prize in a debating contest ~ among other things  he spent a few days at Harvard which was exciting ~ he hopes to go on to higher things after his finals this summer possibly in the US or Amsterdam.   Natie is pretty bright too and intends to do maths at Uni  ~ a couple of years ago she had the highest exam results for Maths ever in the school  .   With Agi coming from Hungary the children were both bilingual from the beginning, and then learnt heaven knows how many instruments each, everything except the harp !   Both these things are said to be great for the brain.

Another gorgeous spring day, though cold now.   The new solar lights are working splendidly ~ a net of 100 tiny lights on box bush, and on the high wall alongside the rainbow sphere Mary planted 3 branches of leaf-like lights which glow GOLDEN not white and are still lit up at 2am or later !   Wonderful.

I thought I'd ordered 5lbs of summer seed for garden birds but in fact I must have ordered 5kg of high energy fat rich pellets ~ Mary helped m,e unwrap parcel and deal with it ~ I refilled tub but there must be severa; kgs still in the bag ~ for now they are in the shed but must get rid of them before mice invade shed ~ have offered Christopher some, and maybe Kate will take some back with her ~ how could I make such a mistake ~ I will blame it on my eyes but more likely my wits !

and her front window from outside ~ Helen says masses of the decorated windows in Bristol can be found on facebook page : Window Wanderland- BS3 Ashton, Southville and Bedminster ~ I hope I have copied that right ~ having lived and worked in Cardiff for thirty years, on retirement Helen moved back to Bristol where she was born and grew up ~ she tells me it is a wonderful City with so much going on.