One of our Mother's wonderful Family Trees ~ each flower symbolises a member of the family, colour coded generation by generation for clarity.

and here we get our Stewart ancestors from James Stewart born 1750 and his wife Lydia right up to my Katie (1964)

Family Trees

I think I've already mentioned that our Mother Anne Proctor never, but NEVER, just sat talking or watching the News ~ she always had something else in her hands ~ maybe embroidery, or playing Patience ~ very often she would be working on one of these beautifully decorated Family Trees ~ each one specially targeted at its recipient ~ the only one I have she made for Kate and brought it right through to Kate herself who was probably about ten at the time.

OK ~ we know that all our families go back to Adam and Eve (!!) but the thing about the Scots is that they all KNOW who their forebears were and can name them and tell us where they lived and what they did in life RIGHT BACK TO 1120 which is pretty unusual.   As she sat watching TV or chatting with a friend Mother would be creating these Family Tree books ~ she did not need to refer to anything ~ it was all in her head ~ the portraits she introduced alongside the text are of course imaginary though one or two are copied from 18th or 19th century oil paintings.

Friday afternoon : CHANGE OF PLAN : Georgie rang first thing to alert me to snow around Heptonstall so rather than dither about Kate's proposed visit tomorrow to take me to Scarborough for cataract op, I rang the hospital and cancelled it asking for a weekday slot next time when Patient Transport is available ~ all relieved that I'd done this ~ Heptonstall is cut off, schools closed and Kate unable to get to work.   Miserbale here but no snow.

Trying to copy her snowfield picture from facebook but without success.   Tom & Mary had driven to Scarborough but no snow ~ it is the Pennines that are worst hit, and Buxton too most probably ~ suddenly remembering our years in attic flat of West House, Manchester Road ~ no heating except miserbale "bedroom" grate in sitting room though onece in frightful cold spell our landlord came and lit ancient boiler in cellar and all of us at the top of the house were practically gassed by fumes from neglected chimney ~ wee only had Richard then, and the next day we were going down to Bristol for Christmas though none of us felt well enough for journey ~ poor Howard was worst effected and didn't recover for several days ~ I'm ashamed to say Daddy thought he was drunk !   Ah me ~ so many all-but forgotten misunderstandings !