Mothering Sunday ~ flowers and cards ~ Georgie's card turned into a 3D cottage !

Rice Mother

Oh drat ~ I pressed wrong button and lost a good page of this ~ stupid of me ~ I'll leave it till tomorrow.

Monday 11.30am : Let's try again !   This book The Rice Mother was absolutely gripping ~ a Malayan family saga by Rani Manicka, between 1916 and the present day, and along the way giving us a terrifying account of the Japanese Occupation during World War 2 ~ a long book, all but 600 pages, it has taken me three weeks to read it with my feeble eye sight, but well worth it.

Later : Having been following the dramatisation of Jane Eyre on Women's Hour I decided to re-read it but the print in my copy is really too small ~ then thought of the KOBO reader, much like the KINDLE, which Di Feather found for me and installed back in May 2014 ~ sadly I never really took to it, but realise that this would be an enormous help with reading while I wait to get cataracts seen to ~ so got it out, recharged it on computer and found that Jane Eyre is one of the four titles already installed so was able to get going straight away.   However accessing books in North Yorkshire Library system, all for free, is a bit more complicated though Di had written out copious notes for me @ I have sent an email to this Chris fellow who runs free computer sessions at Trinity to see if he would come and give me an hour's coaching though of course I will pay him for that.   My other problem is bloody PDF files which I can't seem  to covert to open on blog although I've actually paid a fee to enable me to do so @ £19.95 so it won't break the bank but infuriating nonetheless that I still can't do it ~ I'm probably just too old and blind and stupid !   But the KOBO would make such a difference ~ this was the one Di advised me to buy as unlike the Kindle it gives you FREE ACCESS to all library books ~ I believe otherwise you have to pay to download a book.

Have made simple quick cheap and luscious fish pie for supper : a small tin of salmon, a chopped hard boiled egg, a dollop of cream, a sprinkle of chopped parsley ~ that's the base and with mashed potato on top it is ready for a few minutes in the oven ~ I have a helping of frozen peas to serve with it !  Yum-yum

On Saturday I made a pan of thick vegetable soup which I can finish tomorrow !   I'm suddenly into the cooking mode ~ must be the deep cold we still have today though no snow round here.

Mike came earlier delivering my BP pills from Boots ~ he has just had to have his much loved dog put down and was quite upset ~ it is upsetting, dreadfully and reminds me of the heart ache when I had to take Bruno toi the vet ~ "Come on, Bruno," I said, leading him to the executioner's table ~ and he trusted me and followed me in ~ I deeple regret that I simply hadn't the courage to staywith him till the end.  (see first blog :  entry number 10 ~ Bruno, a near tragedy))

 Tuesday afternoon : Up late again ~ this is getting a bad habit ~ to think how for nine-plus years I was up by 7.20 to phone John before popping down to Anderson's for The Guardian ~ and here I am, well here I was this morning, crawling out of bed at 8.30 !  Caught up with myself before 10.45 to catch another episode of Jane Eyre on Women's Hour.   The good news is that this young man Chris who takes computer sessions at Trinity Centre is coming on Thursday afternoon to get me going on the KOBO ~ once I've mastered it it will solve my reading problems as having registered with Whitby Library I can downloads any title FREE of CHARGE from nationwide library services ~ Di got me signed up in 2014 but I somehow never made use of it but my eyesight wasn't so poor then.

Tomorrow Richard Eshelby is coming to see if he can strip all the ivy off the lilac tree ~ it really is smothering it.   David is around for a few days ~ he and Alison are staying across the river at their other property with her mother RUBY who was 90 last week ~ in that other cottage she does not have to struggle with stairs as there is a bathroom on ground floor ~ they asked me along earlier when they were paying a visit to number 4 ~ Ruby seems in pretty good fettle for ninety !   And all of them so friendly.   For her birthday last week they rented a house in the grounds of a stately home, and Ruby's son and his family came over from the US ~ on her actual birthday they took afternoon tea in the Mansion !!

Wednesday 9th : Richard is here gardening and has been since 7.45am and this inspite of relentless down pour.   He's cleared all ivy from lilac tree and says it's in good shape with plenty of life in it ~ maybe we'll get some blossom this year.

Last night I had a fright ~ I found I was lurching around the kitchen, and when I went out to dustbin I crashed into the bench and then into a plant pot and was afraid I could not get back into the house.   Actually I have felt wobbly and disorientated a time or two recently ~ was it heart trouble ?   About 9pm I decided to press my alarm and at least report to the team that things weren't right with me though there was no immediate cause for alarm but no harm in reporting my worry ~ a very kind man told me I had done the right thing, and I must ring again at slightest sign of problem ~ how kind !   And first thing this morning another of our carers was on the phone checking how I was ~ he advised me to phone the surgery and ask for a doctor to visit, which I did, though no-one has turned up yet ~I am virtually housebound nowadays, and too feeble to even think of going down the yard ~ the only time I go anywhere nowadays is to Brid or Scarborough Eye Clinics ~ oh dear !!   It's over a year, maybe two years, since I saw a doctor ~ a visit meant booking an appointment, booking transport, and even when I got up there I'd have to shuffle across the waiting area ~ and almost certainly the doctor would just say "It's old age, dear ~ nothing to be done about it."    After pressing my alarm last night and talking to carer, I rang Georgie not wanting to alarm her but just in case ...   She and Kate have both been ringing to check how I am, bless them.   My blood pressure, which is measured every time I go to Bridlington, has been low and stable for months ~ maybe it's too low and I need a pace maker or something ~ it's this lurching around, and if I reach up for a pan or to get a coat off a hook, nearly falling over backwards !   Ah me ~ Old Age ~ but I've had a pretty good innings and can't complain.

There ~ nuff of the miseries ~ Sue was here this morning, bustling round as usual and leaving everywhere so clean and tidy ~ she is a gem.

Bruno and his young master