Peter's picture of the naked lilac tree which has been robed in ivy for years !

Eye Sight

The thing that is really bothering is my fading eye sight ~ reading is nearly impossible ~ having followed the serialisation on Women's Hour, I was hoping to reread Jane Eyre but my copy has such small print ~ and I dug out an old copy of The Mill On the Floss but can't cope with that either ~ I would really like to work my way through several old favourites before I die so do hope this young Chris can get me going on the KOBO when he comes tomorrow ~ with back lighting and adjustable size of text and access to any library books, that would be marvellous ~ I believe on Kindle, the alternative, there is a charge for each title you download ~ fingers crossed.

I should have taken a photo of the smothered lilac before Richard got to work on it but I will get one now of it in all it's splendour.  (see pic)

 9pm : Richard has done marvels in  the garden including planting spring flowers in all the big flower pots and of course restored the tree to its proper condition.

It was getting towards 6pm and no sign of doctor so rang Health Centre again and John a paramedic turned up to go through a series of tests to explain these strange and rather fightening episodes I've been having ~ as far as he could see ALL FINE and HEART STRONG and REGULAR ~ in the morning he'll discuss findings with my GP and come back himself in the afternoon to tell me what they propose ~ I didn't describe what happened very well ~ speaking of ... oh, lord ~ I've forgotten the word I used !! ... LURCHING AROUND I realise I was actually feeling DRUNK in my body though clear in my head ~ and I haven't had an alcoholic drinks for months !   LURCHING that's the word ~ lutching round kitchen and then the yard ~ like a drunk !   At least they are looking into it for me, and John will be back tomorrow. 

Saturday morning 12th : The last couple of days seem to have been eaten up with (welcome) visitors, John the Para Medic and Chris the Computer Adviser ~  now I'll try and catch up.   It seems almost certain that like Georgie, my lurching about problem is PARKINSON's ~ funny that both got it ~ I had wondered if Georgie's was connected to the fact she has been taking epilepsy drugs for 40 years.   Now I wonder whether it is linked not to the drug but to the epilepsy ~ I was cured when I was eleven years old and have never taken any medication for it since ~ both conditions are to do with brain activity ~ I must look into it.

At least I have had a long life and a good one too, so mustn't grumble, but poor old Georgie has been struck down at 58 which seems a bit rough.

I am very impressed by the way the Doctor and John the Para Medic are rallying to my aid ~ John came twice and did various tests and asked lots of questions ~ meanwhile they are booking me in for brain scan at Scarborough Hospital as soon as possible.   Georgie says when I've got the date she'll meet me there to hold my hand and give me courage ~ transport is being arranged so she won't need to either fetch me or drive me home.

KOBO ~ Chris Gill came on Thursday afternoon to get me going on the KOBO but we decided it would be simpler to go for a Kindle ~ we brought them up on Amazon and with his advice I plumped for a Paper White with back lighting, easy controls, and text enlargement as needed ~ £110 including VAT and I bought it there and then and lo-and-behold it arrived on Friday morning ~ Chris will come back on Tuesday to get me going and until then I am not unpacking it ~ on Amazon a document popped up "Introducing the Kindle" which I've printed off for easy reference.   It is only thanks to all these extras I ge on top of basic pension that I can afford to do this.  Praise the Lord !

When I went to Saul Black on Thursday to get my toe nails cut we arranged that in future he will come to me ~ he only charges an extra fiver for this service, and the Good Neighbours car costs so that so it wint cost any more.

If I have something to post ~ a birthday card or official form ~ I can grab a passing neighbour to post it for me.   This means that from now on, the only time I need to venture down the yard is for Patient Transport to Bridlington or Scarborough, and these drivers always come up the yard to collect me, and will walk me back to my door on return trip, so I always have somebody to hold on to !   This is your doddery old blogger signing off for today.

My neat garden after Richard's noble efforts last Wednesday in absolute downpour !