Can you believe it ! Such kindness ! The plate of treats that Mary brought down earlier saying she'd been doing some baking ~ all scrumptious and such variety !

On my trip to Skye with Elspeth ~ 1973 I think it was when I was still slim and skittish ! Remind me never again to have a fringe, folks !

Over the Sea to Skye

It's time to tell you about our San Francisco relatives, and about Elspetrh Angus in particular.  More after lunch.   Monday evening : I've been to Bridlington today to EYE CLINIC and although I did not need an injection (Praise the Lord) I'd had 4 lots of eye drops and I am having difficulty seeing the screen so will leave it for tonight ~ Chris Gill is coming in the morning to get me going on the Kidle 'paper white' which arrived on Friday having been ordered on Amazon on Thursday afternoon ~ it should enable me to read more easily again until the cataracts are removed.  It was a glorious sunny day with trees hazy with the first leaf growth ~ pure pleasure !  And not in a rickety ambulance but in Erol's comfortable car.

Tuesday : raining again ~ Helen's almost-stepdaughter ELLIN rang and she and her partner are coming over in the morning so that will be nice ~ it must be five years since their last visit when John was still with me.   Ellin's mother died when she was only five, and later when she was twelve or so her Daddy Ken and Helen got together, the three girls much of an age, Charlie 14, Lizzie 13 and Ellin 12 and even now she is very much part of Helen's family even though her Dad is no longer around ~ such a nice girl ~ we had a lovely chatty morning and she very kindly altered the length of the strap on the glorious rainbow shoulder bag that Mary sent me years ago, when they were over in Ireland ~ either I'm shrivelling away or the knitted strap has stretched ~ anyway Ellin did a splendid job on it so that I can use it again without tripping over it ~ I'll take a pic.  She brought me gifts ~ some interesting herbal tea bags and a bag of absolutely luscious fudge ~ I can't take a picture of the fudge as it is so utterly more-ish I keep sneaking another piece ... and another ... I should be paying attention to SUGAR TAX but cream fudge is totally irresistible (spelling going to pot ~ time to settle down with my Kindle !

Yesterday young Chris Gill was here promptly and got me going on Kindle ~ to his amazement Amazon had already registered it in my name so we could get straight into it ~ I've loaded up Jane Gardam's delightful novel BILGEWATER to read tonight ~ I was struggling to re-read it with my dodgy eye sight.   Funnily enough, since the drama out on the yard a week ago, I seem to be deteriorating rather rapidly and shuffle about pathetically and am feeling decidedly wobbly ~ I'm hoping Richard will find me a piece of wood that I can prop across the top of the stairs at night so that I don't break my neck on my regular trips across the landing to the loo ~ only half a dozen steps / paces from bed to loo but enough to be the death of me.

Wednesday pm : What a day !  What an interesting day !   Tony and Pat Swift came to service the grandfather clock ~ £20 and very reasonable to keep it in good order ~ for a few years I lost touch with him and the clock went haywire ~ Barbara popped in on her way to the gym and Ellin arrived as she was leaving ~ had such a happy morning with Ellin including hearing up to date news of Helen and Charlie and the twins ~ Annie came to cheer me up about Parkinson's ~ maybe the scan will be clear !   Later Annabel came with the shopping Barbara had got for me 

I'm making good progress with the Kindle though last night could not fathom out how to switch it off ~ it is recharging now as I type ~ glorious sunshine ~ Budget Day and from what I could gather on radio at lunch time everybody is going to benefit though no mention of where funds are coming from ~ one of his commitments, George Osborne, is that ALL SCHOOLS are to become academies by 2020 and if they don't do so voluntarily, "acadamisation" (today's new word) will be forced upon them spelling the end of Local Education Departments ~ DLB and all our Advisors would have become redundant !

Mary came down from the white house with this plate of baking ~ they are having a fireworks party tonight ~ there have been the most dramatic rockets whizzing away into the night ~ how jolly kind of her ~ her pastry is flaky and de-lish !   

A long call from Katie, and Georgie rang earier ~ I seem to be cocooned in TLC never mind WHAT the brain scan might show.

Looking down the stairs from this landing

View from the loo !

And view to the loo from my bed ~ a very short distance but stairs could be lerthal now I'm so darned shakey !