Ellin's fudge !

Oh my stars ~ Ellin brought me some luscious fudge (see pic) ~ I had one piece just to try and before the evening was out had scoffed the whole lot !   Mmm was it ever good !  Later I'll try one of these magic tea flowers ~ I'll let you know results ...

This morning had a good hour cleaning kitchen window which certainly needed it ~ I even went out and cleaned outside too, as far as I could reach which was all but top line of panes ~ while I had a bucket and cloth out there I scrubbed down both window sills so that was a worthwhile task.   Annie came earlier and we had a really friendly hour and more though I probably talked too much, and somehow never got round to offering her coffee.   She and Christopher are such good friends.

Ellen has asked me to do a Tarot reading for her American neighbour and she's bringing her over tomorrow morning.   Had a very good lunch, with last scrap of bacon, a couple of mushrooms and theleft over half of yesterday's sweet potato, plus the rest of last night's salad : finely shredded sweet heart cabbage, a couple of chopped spring onions, ditto tomatoes, with handfull of raisins and a chopped tangerine ~ dressing : olive oil, squeezed lemon juice, teaspoon of white sugar, salt and pepper ~ all prepared an hour or so before needed and finally sprinkled with chopped parsley ~ I could eat bucketsful !

Yesterday this wonderful coloured ball arrived, solar powered, made from coloured crystal chips ~ it is supposed to go out in the garden but once I'd actually switched it on, I decided to put it on sitting room window sill which gets masses of sun ~ as it got dark, I could see it glowing gloriously behind the curtain so I'll  leave it there for now ~ in the garden it could get nicked. I t's standing on a green glass block (an ash tray i think it is, made from recycled glass) so that it stands up above the bottom window frame and glows merrily out to the world.

I am getting on fine with the Kindle and showed Annie how clever it is ~ one of their family wants to buy her one.   When I open it up it goes straight to the page I was reading ~ quite amazing ~ the print size I am using is brilliant for my feeble eyes and there are a couple more possibilities, even bigger.

 Oh Lordy ~ I keep meaning to tell you about our 'cousin' Elspeth Angus out in San Francisco ~ I keep getting side tracked . . . but not tonight . . . 

The treats Ellin brought me, bless her

The gorgeous shoulder bag Mary sent me years ago

Too late to start this tonight

Another very busy day and too late to start this tonight but I'll just download photos and get going in the morning

The kindle in its wacky cover

The kindle ready to go ...