The glorious solar powered globe ~ rather than leave it in the garden I'm keeping it on sitting room window sill where it glows all day in the sunlight and all evening when solar power switches on !!

A near miss

Ellenm brought her friend Jeanie for a Tarot reading (Jeanie as in Eugenie) which went well and the cards all seemed to make sense to her ~ a nice woman but is planning to go back to US shortly.   While we were at it, the visitors at number 7 whom I've known for years but whose names now escape me, knocked on the door to say they were just off home with a generous helping of strawberry trifle and a larhe chunk of her homemade Christmas cake ~ everyone is so kind and generous ~ had a helping of trifle after supper watching Dad's Army and it was delicious. 

After my flop made a pot of tea and sat reading for a while with the Kindle before running a bath ~ and this is where the trouble occurred ~ getting OUT of the bath, it took four attempts before I made it, and that's with low stool IN the bath and rubber hedgehog mat and hand grip on the ege ~ four times I all-but made it before my knees let me down and I had to slide back into the water.   Hell's Bells !   Was I going to have to press the button for help ?   Do hope this does not mean NO MORE BATHS ~ I have a shower in the lower loo, a shower in a proper shower cabinet, but I've only used it in the few weeks after a hip op when I dared not attempt to get in the bath ~ but I'm not much good with showers ~ the water is either tepid or scalding hot ~ ~ is this the beginning of THE END !

Sad that because of the debt to AVIVA for the £40,000 equity I released on the value of the property when things were at their very worst, the debt with compound interest @ 7% now amounts to £115,000 and far too much for my children to raise when I'm dead in order to keep the house in the family for generations to come.   In fact, when I took the equity I honestly was at rock bottom ~ I remember one dreadful day when all I had in the house was a crust of bread and one egg ~ in my misery and hunger I managed to drop the egg on the floor and simply sat there bawling my eyes out ~ how on earth had things come to such a sticky pass ?   The bank were still paying all the bills and if I remember right allowing me £5 a week ~ ~ ludicrous really that here I sat beside the Aga in this beautiful old house PENNILESS !  

It was then that John suggested I should think about releasing some of the value of the house and it certainly saved my bacon, though eventually it will be the children who will have to repay it or lose the house.

When I finally climbed out of the bath, I fell over and had to shuffle naked to the top of the stairs where I could get back on my feet ~ the stress of struggling to get out, I guess, but scarey !   A letter from Scarborough Hospital giving me a date for the first cataract operation ~ Tuesday 26th April at 12.30 ~ at least Patient Transport will be available on a weekday.