low step-stool beside bath to help me in

low stool in bath, rubber safety mat, and hand grip

Handle on side of bath ~ getting a bit rusty but still provides a firm grip

So many bath aids

Oh Lord ~ so many bath aids and I'm still finding it very difficult to get out !   Last night was particularly scarey ~ it was only at the FIFTH attempt that I managed it !   I have just talked to Georgie about it and she has the same problem ~ we are both suffering from Parkinson's ~ she tells me it is her big challenge every day : will she be able to get out of the bath tonight ?   And I'm beginning to feel the same.  Mind you, I am lucky enough to have a shower in lower loo in proper shower cabinet but I'm really not much good with showers.   In a funny way, it is a comfort that we can swap notes about our deterioration, Georgie and I  ~ bloody hell !   I'll add pictures of the bath ~ I have a footstool OUTSIDE it to help me in and another low step-stool to sit on to start with though I move this so that I can lie down ~ there is a handle on the edge of the bath, rather rusty now but it gives a firm grip ~ one problem is the low sloping ceiling above the bath which makes it impossible to stand upright ~ I was horrified to learn that when she came to look after me taking turns wih Kate and Will, after the second hip op Georgie found she could not get out of the bath either ~ maybe this damned Parkinson's has been building up for ages ~ and possibly for both of us.

I've just had a word with Mary O'Connor and I will have another go at bathing tonight but will give her a quick phone call first and if she doesn't hear ten minutes or so later maybe she'll come to the rescue.   Oh dear ~ I'm beginning to feel decrepit !

Later ~ 6pm ~ Praise the Lord ~ I managed it ~ thought it might be MY LAST BATH but got out OK ~ had rung Mary beforehand and left key in the door in case but all is well !   What a blessed relief !

Monday 21st 4.30pm : Sue was here this morning and she's happy to come every Monday and help me change my sheets on alternate ones ~ this really was getting too much for me.   And while we were having coffee Genie turned up to collect her specs which I'd found under the sitting room table ~ she must have dropped them and then kicked them out of sight ~ she had brought hot cross buns so we moved back to kitchen and scoffed them merrily ~ Sue left, more chat with Genie and was feeling quite limp by then so flopped a few minutes before lunch ~ IDS has certainly stirred things up among the Conservatives and there is talk of his revelations about welfare for the disabled bringing down both George Osborned and David Cameron !   During his time as party leader IDS said "Beware the quiet man !"   His resignation leter is causing chaos among fellow Tory MPs.

The doctor rang as promised and as no problems showed up on tests that John did a week ago her husband, the other Dr Hazletine, will come and see me tomorrow to try and fathom out what is causing all these problems ~ pains, wobbles, and regularly feeling I am going to keel over.   

Chris Gill suggested I get a wider screen to make things easier on the computer ~ Cheryl didn't think it would make much difference but I may go ahead anyway as at present with every line of text I have to zoom backwards and forwards as only HALF THE LINE appears on screen at any time.

For the next few days I will phone Mary before I get into the bath and again once I'm out ~ just in case !

The solar globe on sitting room window sill

Problem ~ the sloping ceiling over the bath