Jasper and Rusty in their smart new coats !

Oh no ! Not again !

Well ~ can you believe it !   I cannot get into my email ~ surely it's not those buggers out in Australia again, or the other one in the Czech Republic ~ what childish spite !   I'll leave it tonight but if there is no access tomorrow I shall report it to ACTION FRAUD which will be the FOURTH time I have been hacked and THIS TIME I SHALL IDENTIFY the suspects !

I've just spoken to Richard Eshelby who will sort out a gate/barrier or plank across the stairs to prevent me falling down when I shuffle to the loo in the night.   I am finding it so infuriating coping with large print on this one, and having to zoom back and forth on every line that I am seriously considering getting a wider screen ~ it makes it so slow, back and forth, back and forth.

Mary says I can phone her the way I did last night ~ just before getting in to the bath, and as soon as I get out in case I need rescuing which is so kind of her but tonight I mad the bath again tonight I managed it first time so that's a relief

 Tuesday morning and glorious sunshine : Well well !! this morning the email is returned to active life and functioning properly !!   My my !   It could of course have been a temporary blip last night when it seemed to have died on me but there again it could be my suspected tormentors, the family of my late and sadly missed partner of nine happy years ~ partner and lover !  If I am right about them, it is particularly ludicrous that they attack me in this way ~ yesterday was the FOURTH incident of hacking ~ since while their father was with me, both  of his offspring told me (in one way or another) that at last after fifty years of loveless marruage, he had found love !   And now this !   They all know that any more of hassle and I will certainly identify them to the ACTION FRAUD squad who already have on record the three previous attacks although without my suspicions about my attackers.  Let's hope that's the end of it then.

The Doctor is coming later to try to identify why I am so wobbly, why I keep all-but falling over backwards ~ all the tests and blood samples that were taken the other day show no problems ~ strong heart, indeed fit as a fiddle !

An absolutely glorious sunny morning and the garden bright with daffs and primulas and the first touch of green on my little bird cherry tree and the box bushes so neatly trimmed by Richard ~ I hope he will pop in today to measure up for a simple barrier to stop me falling downstairs as I shuffle across to the loo in the night.   And I have just spoken to Joseph at our wonderful Computer  Conversion Company and ordered a wider screen which will cost around £120 plus installation but this half screen that I'm working with now is driving me nuts ~ back-and-forth back-and-forth . . .

Since last week when Tony Swift serviced the Grandfather clock it has been making unhealthy noises : tick-tock-tick-clunk   tick-tock-tick-CLUNK ~ Tony is coming back tomorrow morning to adjust pendulum which seems to be hanging much lower than usual and the clunk is the sound of it scraping against the clock case.   I'm sure he'll be able to fix it for me ~ he is an expert clock man and I have never had any trouble with it after his servicing before.

Now then, I was going to tell you about ELSPETH ANGUS from San Francisco : Elspeth had arrived in San Francisco with a boatload of children orphaned by the First World War ~ she was four at the time and Hungarian.   Mary Angus, herself a prominent figure in the community and a millionaire to boot, had some role in finding homes for all these destitute children but as poor Elspeth was rather a funny little thing and lame with TB knees, nobody picked her ~ realising she was going to be left with a few other ragtags, she went up to Mary Angus and somehow looking so pathetic she persuaded her to pick her ~ which Mary SF (as we will call her from here on) did ~ she adopted the child and in many ways gave her a privileged life ~ but having no children of her own, Mary SF seems to have kept Elspeth a bit naive and dependent ~ Elspeth did not complain about this, she was so grateful for the life she had with this wealthy woman, but somehow she seems to have become indispensible companion willing servant.

The gruesome part of this story is this : eventually Mary SF became senile and demented ~ her doctor had persuaded her to change her will in his favour ~ the matter went to court and dragged on for years ~ as long as she was alive the family's fortune could be saved but the minute the old lady died if the matter was unsettled the wicked doctor would   claim the lot ~ so each Christmas a macaber card would come from San Francisco with  a photo of the poor old dear propped up at her desk with a pen in her hand and important papers strewn around as if fully compos mentis when in fact she was anything but !   As far as I remember this went on for several years, and the family finally won the battle.   

Tomorrow I'll tell you about Elspeth's visit to the UK in 1973, but not tonight.

Tonight I must record the developments on the medical front : Dr Hazletine came around midday and asked more questions and finally said it looked as if it was time I had a brain scan which I was half expecting because of Georgie's experiences in her Parkinson's diagnosis ~ he would arrange it for me ~ I was expecting it to be a week at least before anything further happened but around 5pm there was a phone call from the James Cook Hospital in Middlesborough saying they had booked me an appointment for the scan TOMORROW !   What ?   She said they see people on a points system and I came up as urgent ~ I began to wonder whether I was at death's door until Georgie pointed out that the points may not be MEDICAL but PRACTICAL ~ what if I fell down stairs and broke my neck and the doctor and Para Medic knew I was old, lame, living alone with steep spiral stairs ~ the NHS is in terror of families suing them for negligence.   This suggestion cheered me up a bit.   I insisted I cannot get over to Middlesbrough without patient transport and as this could not be arranged at such short notice they agreed to seeing me on Thursday at 2.30 ~ Georgie has said all along that she would come with me and I'm jolly grateful to her for this ~ the plan is that Bill will drive her over here in time for our transport to arrive at midday on Thursday ~ we will leave Bill here to his own devises to come ang go as he pleases, and the TV and kettle ~ if we are likely to be late back then she can ring and suggest he goes home to Driffield but if I am dealt with fairly quickly then she and Bill can go home as soon as they have seen me safely back.   

In addition to the Doctor, I was just sitting out on the bench with a mug of tea when JOHN the Para Medic came up the yard, and EMMA a Practice Nurse with him ~ they told me they were just checking up on me, and he'd brought her along to see my stairs ~ all went indoors and had a friendly chat and away they went, but do wonder now whether the Doctor had sent them to see whether they supported his worries about the stairs.

At least things are happening !

The lovely tulips Genie brought me

Now that tulips are opening today I moved them a to jug with wider top ~ gorgeous !