The Lindt Easter egg and mini roses Georgie brought me !

Scotland wah-hey !

Blast ~ I did it again, somehow lost a good chunk of test I had just written ~ will leave this to watch PMQs which should be fairly lively, I guess after such dramas over last few days ~ 

8.0pm : Tony Swift was here by 9.30 and fixed CLUNK in Grandfather clock ~ I am so fed up with the HALF_SCREEN I get to write on with blog, I ordered a wide screen which will be delivered up to the Ropery tomorrow and if it arrives in time Cheryl will bring it down and install it before Georgie and I leave for Middlesbrough ~ 21" I think it is costing something like £125 plus installation fee but feel it will be well worth it ~ Flop and then had bath mid afternoon as with all the excitement yesterday I simply didn't get round to having one but it was a mistake ~ I should have made the effort.   Barbara came for our usual lively chat ~ I made parsnip bake with half left over for tomorrow ~ just about my favourite meal ~ in the old days the family all loved it too  ~ simple, cheap and nourishing.   

Will rang to wish me well tomorrow and Georgie has just ring to say the really unpleasant brain scan she had recently was specifically to detect Parkinson's and everyone tells her and me that an initial one to see why I'm lurching around like a drunk is nothing as nasty ~ a simple procedure that takes maybe 20 minutes so that's a relief especially as it means we should be bacxk here well in time for them to get back to Driffield before dark ~ relief all round.

Right, now where was I ?   Ah, yes ~ Elspeth and our trip to the Isle of Skye.

In 1973 Elspeth came over to the UK on a kind of a pilgrimage looking up all her Scottish relatives, though as she was a Hungarian orphan from the First War they were not her family but the ANGUS clan, Mary San Francisco's scattered ANGUS family.   From our parents in Bristol Elspeth came on to us in Winchester and at some point that summer took me on a wonderful tour of Scotland ~ always staying posh hotels ~ flying up to Glasgow before joining a party of pretty ghastly rich Americasns to "do" Edinburgh, the Highlands, and the Isle of Skye ~ a wonderful experience though the fellow travellers were (I thought) vulgar beyond belief ~ they were all decked in tartan from head to foot and probably tartan knickers ~ every minute of the journey they seemed to be taking photos even when the coach was moving ~ what with the cameras and constant reference to their guide books I began to wonder what they would remember of their trip !   I'm only just beginning to wonder how the family coped while I was away, but Richard and Georgie would have been sensible teenagers by then.   Whatever, they seem to have survived though no idea who did the washing !

Our trip must have been in August as a few days in Edinbugh was included and we saw a bit of the Festival ~ marvellous fun !

Later, when her holiday was over, I went with her to Gatwick to see her off ~ we corresponded for years afterwards, possibly until her death.   Although after Mary SF's death the family won the lawsuit with the crooked doctor, I don't think Elspeth had more than a modest living allowance ~ perhaps the REAL Angus family out there never looked on Elspeth as one of them.

Another branch of the San Francisco lot was the HOLDENS ~ again incredibly rich thanks to their Grandfather's astute land deals a hundred years earlier.   On one of their visits 'home' they rented an appartment in central London ~ for some reason I was invited up for a few days and Boy !  was it ever posh !   The plan was that I would accompany them on a flying visit to Winchester, Chichester and the Isle of Wight which we undertook in ONE DAY !  They too followed their Guide Book to the letter including stumbling across a vast muddy field between Chichester and Bosham "as instructed" !!!   Incredible !  From Southampton, they set off back to London and I was intending to get out of the train in Winchester, but it was a through train to London and did not stop so then had to travel back to Winchester and so home !   Friendly, generous people, but sooo American !

I wish I had a photo of Elspeth, bless her ~ the FIRST Hungarian in the family, and now we have Agi !


Can you see how I only have HA:LF the screen to work on ~ infuriating !