My Easter indulgence ~ a Gressingham corn fed poussin


Easter Day was bright and sunny though by tea time it was pouring, nay BUCKETING DOWN ~ Georgie tells me they had thunder and lightening and hail ~ we had wild winds though not as fierce as they had in other parts with gusts of 100 mph !   Barbara came to give me a hug before going off for a few days in Scotland ~ on banks of Loch Lomond ~ Ellen came, and Eugenie (not Genie I'm told but Jeannie) and Annabel brought me a darling simnel cake from Boyes decorated with eggs and chicks, and a deep marzipan crust ~ doesn't marzipan  come from march pain ~ Easter treat !   I haven't cut into it yet ~ it is so pretty ~ Annabel said it was to celebrate the fact that never mind how frail and wobbly I am, according to the scan, my brain has not yet turned to mush ! 

Big decision yesterday ~ no more long johns this Spring!   So cosy but they are rather bulky.   The clocks went forward an hour yesterday ~ some of mine correct themselves but there are a couple I can't reach ~ one here above me as I type, one in the kitchen ~ I'll have to grab a tall passing  visitor unless Richard turns up in next few days.

The family say I should contact the doctor tomorrow once things are back to normal, but as all the nasties have been ruled out there doesn't seem much point ~ guess my symptoms are simply Old Age and not much they can do about that !

With the Sainsbury's delivery yesterday I ordered this corn fed chicken from Gressingham "the remarkable duck people" ~ I had actually ordered something called a spatchcock which seems to be a small boned bird stretched out quite flat to be grilled or roasted in 45 minutes ~ no spatchcock available so it was a "corn fed poussin" they sent, see picture, tiny and needing only 45 minutes in the oven ~ now I am almost vegetarian but just sometimes feel the need for meat ~ Gressingham sounds wholesome and traditional but is quite possibly a factory farm ~ I must look it up on Google ~ whatever, it is jolly tasty and lasting me THREE meals.

This could be the last time I have to navigate my way around this small screen ~ I hope Cheryl will come tomorrow with the new one I've ordered, 21" which should make life a whole lot simpler ~ no more back-and-forth back-and-forth along every line of text whether writing or reading it.

Saturday night I watched an excellent programme about the Brontes with Martha Kearney, Lucy Mangan and another enthusiast whose name I did't catch ~ one of them slept the night in the parsonage, they all attempted to produce one of those tiny books the sisters wrote when they were children ~ no more than 3" square and very tricky especially using quil pens ~ this was followed by the latest Jane Eyre film which I stayed up to watch but it was extremely odd and disappointing ~ there was a voice-over throughout explaing what we could see for ourselves : "Now Jane goes back to her bedroom and locks the door ~ Mr Rochester is greeting his rather grand visitors and welcoming them into the house ..."  For heaven's sake !   There was perfectly mormal dialogue and we could see what was going on with our own eyes ~ too infuriating and turned it off before the end.

Tuesday afternoon with the new screen installed !   And it really is brilliant ~ a full 21" wide !   Cheryl came and set it up for me and told me about her dog and her slightly neurotic behaviour ~ she has sent for a special CITRINE collar which will give her a puff of lemon when she barks so hope this does the trick.

Have taken picture of screen but camera tells me that the memory has expired (I know the feeling) so must check instruction booklet.   A funny thing on Saturday when the groceries were delivered the driver explained that I probably wouldn't see him again as he was thinking of going back to his earlier career as a toy boy !!   Extraordinary !    His clients are mostly old women some in their eighties !   Some take him out for a meal first, others take him straight to bed !!   Don't know why he was telling me all this (including some fairly lurid details) ~ maybe he expected me to employ him ~ Sainsbury's delivery PLUS !





The new 21" screen ~ sorry about reflections