Wow ! The 21" screen ~ no more to-ing-and-fro-ing across the text.

The new 21" screen !!

Wednesday 30th ~ couldn't get back to you yesterday ~ too much going on ~ and pretty busy today too.   First of all, I'm really delighted with this wide screen and no longer need to sweep the text back-and-forth as a line fits comfortably in the expanded space.   Chris Gill's suggestion installed by Cheryl ~ THANK YOU !

Peter & Margaret are here (at number 7) with their four Leeds grandchildren who came in for a chat this morning and ended up doing various very useful jobs for me in the garden : Ella (10) cleaned out the bird bath and refilled it before hosing the garden ~ William and Joe (6) swept the path and the steps ~ and Olivia (4) helped with the watering but her main contribution was JUMPING !!   Such a delightful family.   While all this activity was going on Jeannie arrived and brought us cheese scones from Botham's which we guzzled plastered with Yeo Valley butter, and fresh coffee ~ then good chat ~ Ellen has given her a copy of Nine Men's Morris which she will start tonight.   After lunch settled down for flop but had forgotten that the new tub of bird seed was due for delivery and when I'd dealt with that and all the packing, Judith from Coastcall came for update on my contacts and needs for our marvellous alarm system.   I'm getting on fine with the Kindle currently reading Bill Bryson's 'The Mother Tongue'

Mary and Rose very kindly took the old computer screen to the dump for me ~ so much activity ~ nobody can say I'm lonely !

The more I think about asking the Physiotherapy people for help, the better it seems ~ I have to admit that when the doctor suggested it I was rather churlish, saying What can they do ?  But I was thinking of Physiotherapy such as I had after first hip replacements ~ exercises in a gymn ~ Maori Dancing ~ but in fact Judith says they might provide gate to stop me falling downstairs when I shuffle across to loo in the middle of the night, and possibly have ideas about the problem getting out of the bath ~ fingers crossed.

With this week's Sainsbury's order I bought raspberries and red currants, so I'll leave this now and go and mix crumble topping and pop it in the oven while I'm in the bath.   Later ~ oh, yummy, so delicious ~ the perfect base for a crumble and plenty left for tomorrow.

Chris Gill is coming tomorrow afternoon and I hope he will copy both blogs onto memory sticks otherwise when I fall down dead both will be deleted and as people are still reading the first one and it is a full year since it was added to, they must both be of some interest and together they are a record of my life (for what it's worth) ~ and probably equivalent in wordage to several novels !   A pity to wipe them away.

Ronnie Corbett has died aged 85 ~ got hooked on hour long tribute on BBC2 which kindled so many memories of family life, all of us sitting round to watch The Two Ronnies each week.   And one of those programmes when Kate (aged about 6) and everyone falling about laughing, would keep asking anxiously, "Is it a comedy ?"

Chris sent copies of both my blogs to his computer as he has sophisticated gadgets at home and hopes to be able to copy them onto a memory stick including pictures, and leave this one so that the copy can be updated month by month.

Long call from Will ~ very concerned for my health and safety, and not well himself these last few days, but he has had to go into work nevertheless ~ he sounded pretty grotty.

In a sudden spurt of Spring fever, cleaned bedroom grate, taking sunflowers and backing tray outside to wash and dry them !