Mary and Tom's amazing GARGOYLE ! A reproduction from a medieval one ! Keeping evil out of our yard !

The nursery tallboy which had a good polish today

Our father

So ~ following on from previous entry ~ GEORGE LONGMATE PROCTOR was born in Lincoln in 1903, the oldest in a family of five children : but wait a minute ~ too dark to check names and dates tonight . . . 

A couple of other points : I'm aiming to do at least one EXTRA chore each day ~ a feeble attempt at Spring cleaning !  This morning I gave the beautiful old nursery tallboy a good clean and polished it with this Orange Oil I got from Lakeland some time back ~ it smells delicious, and works a treat on my old furniture.

Richard phoned from the Physiotherapy Department at Whitby Hospital and he's coming over tomorrow to see whether they can offer any help in my unstable state ~ possibly providing some kind of gate for the top of these stairs to prevent me crashing into the abyss as I shuffle across the landing in the middle of the night.  He'll also consider my problem climbing OUT of the bath ~ fingers crossed.

Mary and Rose popped in to fix this voiceover that has suddenly invaded the TV especially if I'm watching a film (which I hardly ever do) ~ Rose sorted it out and showed me how to get rid of it should it occur again ~ wonderfully helpful.

Soon after 5pm I intended to ring Georgie at work but it was her boss David who picked up the phone ~ apart from him the office was empty, and Georgie had not been in to work today ~ I was greatly comforted by what he said about her ~ what a responsible, intelligent, cheerful member of his team she is, and he assured me that now he is aware of her Parkinson's he will do all he can to make life easier for her at work as he couldn't bear losing her etc ~ she really is appreciated by him ~ I'm so glad he told me all this.

Brother Bill sent email to all of us yesterday describinmg how he had a few minutes to wait for his son Mark so popped into Waterstone's and idly picked up an interesting looking book by  Neil Oliver (of 'Coast' fame) "The Vikings" ~ on page 35 was a quote from one of our father's Viking books~ I haven't printed the email out so I'll quote it tomorrow, but as Bill said, great to know that the work of George L Proctor is still being refered to and quoted.

And here's the exact quote :"Who were these barbarians who came and plundered and went again so swiftly ?   The people of Northumberland called them Vikings, a word that meant pirates in the Old English language, and that name has stuck.   Nobody knew who they were or where they had come from."    G.L. Proctor, 'The Vikings' p35, epigraph to Chapter 2

Bill says he was so bowled over by this that he actually bought the book ~ I can't put my hand on THAT book of Daddy's though there are a dozen others by him on the tallboy with books by Mother and Nancy and more recently Helen too ~ I may have passed The Vikings on to one of the children ~ hope it's not lost.

Beautiful sunny spells all day between heavy showers ~ I've still got the heating on, though it does go off between 9am and 4pm unless the chill becomes unbearable.  Jeannie is coming for coffee in the morning ~ once she's signed the Decree Nisi she will be off home to Pennsylvania ~ Ellen has been a good friend to her but her situation is grim, having to share a pokey flat with the husband who is divorcing her !   Oh dear ~ marriage !!

The other Gargoyle Mary and Tom have installed in the yard !! Talk about wacky neighbours !!