Mum and Dad back in the 1950s when briefly they had a car

Let's try again !

The silken rope at the top of the stairs which I can put up at bedtime to stop me lurching over the abyss in the middle of the night ~ a psychological solution, I hope.

Right ~ about our father and his Lincolnshire roots . . . 

Oh. NO !   Another day has slipped away with nothing done ~ I was having to go to Bridlington Eye Clinic again and was ready from 9am but transport didn't arriive till 11.15 ~ can't get on with anything else as I wait as driver may turns up at any minute ~ it was 12.20 when we got to Brid for 11.0 appointment, but they treated me straight away ~ no injection needed thank Gawd and as I waited for transport home a nurse brought me a plate of sandwiches with lovely fresh brown bread and a mug of coffee !!   All for free !   The fog was dreadful, there and back, in fact TERRIFYING ~ with scarcely anything visible on the moors or on the road ahead !

A big surprise yesterday ~ John of Gaunt and his family in number 5 have decided that cottage is really too small for the four of them ~ in their place we will have BEVERLEY who popped in to introduce herself yesterday ~ a very interesting soul who is into the RUNES and makes WITCHES ~ she gave me one ~ let's see if I can find the picture.  No more tonight I'm typing BLIND after 3 or 4 lots of eye drops.   And so good nighT !

Wednesday evening : Golly !  What a day !   Sue came, bless her and hoovered from top to bottom ~ while we were drinking coffee Richard Eshelby turned up and joined us with coffee before getting down to work ~ he emptied the shed and swept it out ~ put clothes pole away in the shed as I simply have to accept that I can no longer either OPEN it or carry a basket of washing out there, or peg tham out without falling over into the bushes, or bring washing in later, or collapse washing line and put its cover on it ~ in fact, the end of my life as a washer woman !   Nowadays I'm doing the washing after supper and hanging clothes round Aga on clothes horse and it is usually dry by morning.   Sad though, there is nothing sweeter than a line of washing billowing in the breeze !   Ah me !   

Richard had to go up to St Mary's briefly ~ he is the Odd Job Man up there ~ up on the roof replacing a tile or repairing the weather vane, clearing a gutter, moving a dead seagull from porch roof ~ whatever ~ his wife Di is a member of the Church Staff and is usually up there welcoming visitors at the seat of custom.   Next he took an armfull of stuff cleared from the shed over to one of the Charity Shops ~ a garden fork, a hoe anda bundle of long garden canes ~ but he was straight back still with offerings which the Heart Shop could not accept as they were all potentially LETHAL WEAPONS !!    Fortunately Tom and Mary were glad to take them off our hands and took it all up to their new garden shed.   Over his lunch break Richard had been to Lidl and bought me two clematis to climb up the obelisk @ one pink, one white and both expected to flower TWICE over the summer.   As we sat with coffee I asked whether one morning he'd come and clean high shelf in kitchen ~ Sue has done it once but I think it's too much to ask of her ~ climbing on the table in order to reach all the jugs and jars of beans, lentils, rice etc.   "Well, why don't I do it now ?" he said and being so tall could reach the shelf easily ~ we did it together in so far as he handed everything down to me ~ and BOY were they filthy ~ it is something to do with Aga but I don't quite understand why ~ having wiped the shelf clean and dried and polished it, I handed everything back  washed and dried ~ marvellous !   Everything sparkling bright ~ bless you, Richard !   

While this was going on Jean turned up to access The Alexander Technique on the internet but we'd forgotten that she can no longer get up my stairs so she will go to the library tomorrow ~ there is a lift ~ she runs a class at the library in meditation and seems to be going from strength with MASSAGe now and other subjects.

Made us all tea, and saw them away Parry on a splendid new electric chariot thing !   Richard tidied up bags of rubbish to collect them for the tip in the morning when he will have his truck and before traffic wardens get to work ~ the garden looks super, the shed is clean and tidy and no longer crowded with tools and poles ~ and as for the high shelf in the kitchen . . . !!

I had a bath, made a quick meal with oven chips, the last rasher and the last couple of mushrooms ~ a thoroughly satisfying day, with so many loving and helpful friends.







Daddy in his forties (I think) ~ eyes bright with intelligence and humour, bless him !