A field of sunflowers to cheer us all up !

The Bard

The 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare's death is being celebrated on TV and radio ~ others have been saying it, and I do agree : Why is Shakespeare inflicted on 14 and 15 year olds ?   He wasn't writing for teenagers but for politically savvy grown-ups ~ in our School Certificate year it was Macbeth we had to study which quite frankly was enough to put us all off Shakespeare for good !   I agree with those who are saying his plays should be seen in the theatre before studying the text, that would bring them to life and hopefully inspire the O and A level students.  Just a thought.   I'd say the same about the Bible actually ~ nobody should be allowed to read it until they are old enough to understand and appreciate it.

Monday morning : and freezing cold again !   Sue was here and now I'm all spick and spam ~ I rang hospital to check situation if Doctors' strike goes ahead but it will make no difference to our cataract ops ~ I was trying to clean up picture library but instead of getting all the folders on screen it comes up as a list along with documents ~ I must ask Chris about this when he comes on Friday.

Last night Mary brought me a helping of delicious sponge pudding, light as a feather and generously splattered with black currants, and a separate pot of custard, all piping hot ~ I have half of it to finish off today ~ they are so kind to me, Tom and Mary !   Simon came up the yard and brought me up to date with what is happening in Crystal's house ~ the floor of the attic was so rotten they have removed it altogether giving a large bedroom with high sloping ceiling and two windows one above the other, and en suite ~ it sounds pretty amazing ~ if I can get myself  down there, he'll show me round once it's finished.   

Country File was a Shakespeare special and very interesting ~ as well as Stratford on Avon, the Forest of Arden, Macbeth's blasted heath etc ~ the media are certainly doing him proud 

Monday evening : off to Scarborough for Cataract op in the morning and I'm really too blind to do anything tonight except settle down with my Kindle ~ with any luck things will be much better before long.