Can you believe it ? The tiny memory stick into which Chris Gill has loaded BOTH my blogs amounting to 430 entries so far and almost certainly a million words ~ and he tells me only about a fifth of the storage capacity has been used for this !!! It's scarcely an inch and a half lomg ~ talk about magic ! (I can never do HALVES I'm ashamed to admit)

After the Op

another of the silken rope that clips across the stairs at night to stop me plummeting to my death !

Let me see whether I can get going again this morning ~ yesterday, recovering from eye operation I simply flopped around and slept a lot but this morning I am aware of improvement in sight so here we go . . . 4.30pm and on reflection maybe I'll give it one more day !

Friday 3.0pm : Such a busy ,morning with Sainsbury's delivery, and Ellen popped in, and now I'm waiting for Chris Gill to bring the memory sticks on which he has hopefully managed to store my two blogs ~ it might sound like vanity, but I find it hard to accept that at my death all this stuff I've been writing for past three years will simply disappear, which it will do when I am no longer paying SimpleSite ~ of course the family may chuck memory sticks out but worth trying to save the 420-odd entries, amounting to at least a million words !

Since the cataract operation on Tuesday I am aware that my sight has improved though not as dramatically as is sometimes reported.   Instead of having to zoom in to 200% here, I am coping quite happily at 125% so that's a blessing.   Getting to Scarborough all went to plan and Georgie was already there waiting for me ~ in spite of Junior Doctors' strike, there seemed to be no problem in the Eye Clinic though it was Senior Doctors seeing to us all ~ Basil is from Syria, George from Greece and the third Ophthalmic (sp ?)Surgeon from Egypt so that was interesting ~ where would the NHS be without immigrants ?   Georgie managed to cheer all of us up and before long instead of sitting there glumly, all five of us waiting for the treatment were chatting and cheerful and forgetting our fears ~ she must have been pretty exhausted by the time she got home, bless her, and how good of her to be there with me.   

Patient Transport got me home, cheerful Chris the ambulance driver who keeps up jokey chatter all the way ~ and there was Barbara waiting at the bottom of the yard to see me safely home and settled in with cup of tea ~ she had very nobly offered to stay overnight if I didn't feel I could manage on my own, but I was fine, though I decided not to risk a bath that night.

In three weeks or so I have to go and see the local Optician and if she finds all is well, then I will be called in for treament of the RIGHT eye ~ it wasn't lazer treatment, I see from the aperwork I came home with, but Phakoemulsification of lens, and prosthetic replacement lens inserted.   As we waited our turn we each had NINE lots of eye drops ~ the operation itself was not painful but even with eye pinned open, it is difficult to stare into triple bright light for fifteen minutes.   However all the staff of Willow Ward were kind and cheerful, and plied us with tea and coffee to keep our spirits up ~ thank you, one and all.

It is bitterly cold still~ here we are all-but May and I've'had the heating on all day ~ it doesn't look as if Chris is coming after all ~ maybe he has a baby crisis ~ I think his wife has gone bak to work part time ~ Evan is scarcely three months old.

Kate's Dougie takes his O Levels this time ~ he has been interviewd at a couple of local Sixth Form Colleges in cluding one at Halifax where his parents were required to attend and be interviewd ~ or at least vetted ~ too ~ Halifax would be most convenient as that's where Kate works (as Conservationist and Town Planner) so she could drive Doug into school ~ and it sounds an excellent school.

Saturday afternoon : again, beautifully sunny between showers, but still cold.   Tom had a couple more large stone relics carried up to their garden ~ looking like the decorated tops of Greek columns !   Amazing !  Chris came with the tiny memory stick onto which he has copied this blog and the first one ~ 430 entries to date and apparently room for five times that much ~ Peter and Margaret are here and he came up with documents for the roofers and admired the red barrier rope at top of stairs ~ and memory stick ~ he told me that when he started off in computers one of them filled a huge area, almost a barn, and it could not do half as much as can be done today on your average smart phone ~ a truly amazing world we live in.

I'm hoping my sight is good enough now to start typing up my old friend John's funeral service ~ fortunately he is still with us in spite of nearly a month's dela, but I had better knuckle down to it before one or the other of us kicks our bucket.

I've now installed the RED rope in place of the black one ~ cherry red it is, and wonderfully silky ~ and so I sign off for today from my small Stately Home !

and the red crowd control rope !!

Showing the memory stick against the mouse and a ruler ~ so tiny but with such enormous capascity !