Kitchen chaos !

Rejected email !

Whyon earth did I decide I must clean out the cupboard under the sink ?


Good Lord ~ I sent the most innocent email to Barbara, and it bounced back "because of content" !   Extraordinary !    And it reminds me of a similar thing that happened recently, when I sent my memories of a terribly cold winter when the streets of Bristol were as treacherous as ice rinks ~ particulary Black Boy Hill, one of the city's main shopping streets ~ Kate works for Halifax Council and they blocked the email "because of racial language" ~ the other important street in the Clifton area of the city is Whit Ladies Road ~ wonder how that would have gone down with Halifax Censors !   Of course, Bristol's wealth came mainly from the slave trade !

No more tonight ~ I watched the David Attenborough tributes on his 90th birthday ~ what a man !

Monday 9th 4pm : Sue was here this morning working her usual magic on the stairs ~ the rainbow carpet fairly glows ~ over coffee we were having a good conversation about the Tarot which she is studying in considerable depth, when Saul the Foot Man arrived to cut my toe nails ~ he also managed to open the magnifying glass which seemed stuck and was smelling of acid as the batteries were leaking ~ how kind.   Quite heavenly again ~ I've taken to sitting out on the bench with coffee or tea watching the world go by, and the sparrows darting down from the lilac tree to feed from those funny little RSPB cups !   John and Emma were just leaving after a wonderful weekend next door ~ they'd not onl walked to Sandsend and back, but all the way to Robin Hoods Bay along clifftop ~ it's a good few miles ~ I did it once soon after I came here with a friend but I can't remember who ~ cyder and a bite in that pub down on the harbourside and home on the bus.

When Kate rang yesterday and heard that our Civic Society would like me to take part in the Heritage Open days again (in spite of my lameness and frailty), she immediately said she'd love to come over and help as she did two years ago ~ architecture and heritage is in her line of business as she is Conservation Officer for Halifax Council ~ she was hoping to come again last year but broke her knee (or was it her ankle) on a family boating holiday on the Broads ~ if she were here I need do nothing other than settle down in the sitting room and tell people about the Sanders and Henry Freeman and the enormous families that lived in these old cottages ~ often as many as ten in three rooms ~ and even sometimes more than one family at a time ~ quite mind-boggling !   This house was bigger and grander and a good hundred years younger than the rest with not ONE but TWO rooms on each floor ~ and its own privy out on the yard (now my shed) while all the other residents would be sharing a rank of 5 or 6 ~ with twenty dwellings apart from mine and maybe ten in each, God knows how they coped, especially if a tummy bug hit !   They were called petties hereabouts, and each were emptied by the night soil men, someimes into the river but more often into the sea !   Those were certainly Good Old Days !

I am thankful for my Kindle ~ I'm now reading Tess of the D'Urbervilles which I probably first read in my teens !   On Saturday, suddenly decided I must tackle the cupboard under the sink ~ in fact it wasn't too bad but what chaos was involved in the cleaning of it ~ doubt whether I'll ever bother doing it again.   Discovered half-a-dozen bottles of washing up liquid and realise I add one to just about every Sainsbury's delivery order !!   This lot should last till Christmas !

Thanks to Richard Eshelby and his endeavours, the garden is utter;y delightful at the moment and it looks as if there might be lilac blossom now that it has been properly pruned and the ivy stripped off it ~at night it is an ansolute picture with various solar lights twinkling away !

Sue's partner Eddy is a great gardener, an allotment holder ~ now and again he sends me some veg ~ today Sue brought swede ~ she tells me they are last year's harvest which he has buried in sand all winter to preserve them ~ I shall have one for supper tonight with last of chipolatas and a bit of salad.      In fact, time to get organised before my bath ~ getting out is a hell of a challenge ~ don't know how long I can keep going ~ there is a proper shower in a cabinet in lower loo but I'm not very good with a shower ~ I can never get the temperature right ~ and there's nothing like a wallow in a hot bath !   

And why do I keep including washing up liquid in every Sainsbury's order ?

Where does all this stuff come from !!

Order restored !