Three generations of us ~ twenty years ago at Charlie's first coming.

Attenbrough and Darwin

She is so like my Georgie !

Golly ~ I've been watching telly since 6.30 ~ there were TWO separate hour long programmes from David Attenbrough's past ~ one on FOSSILS, the other on THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES etc right up to our understanding of DNA and the human g-nome (hope I've got that right) ~ absolutely gripping both ~ and then Dad's Army, and by the time I'd washed up and tidied the kitchen it is nearly 10pm !   I've managed to catch several of the David Attenbrough programmes, tributes to his fifty+ distinguished years in Natural History broadcasting to celebrate his 90th birthday ~ and he is still going strong with another series starting next week ~ amazing !   They'll be putting up a statue to him eventually !   

Sainsbury's delivery this morning including a chicken and pasta salad ~ I never buy ready meals of any kind but this sounded good, and it was ~ by the time I'd put groceries away (listening to Any Questions the while) I decided to tuck in straight away and finished off the whole of it !   Had ordered a couple of block jellies, and made an orange milk jelly which I then scoffed  ~ yes, a full pint of it ~ while watching DA !!   I had such craving for it ~  Hope I'm not pregnant !!

Wednesday night something snapped off in lower loo ~ lifting the lid, it was obviously old and rusty ~ although it was gone 8pm I rang Keith who was tied up all Thursday and then going away for weekend but he'll come on Tuesday without fail ~ I'm lucky to have the attic bathroom as well so I can cope though I'm not trailing up there in the night but flushing out this one with bucket of water in the morning.   Keith is honest and capable and charges a very reasonable amount ~ he it was who fitted my nice new kitchen taps recenyly having been highly recommended by Barbara, Annabel and Ellen ~ rather than an in-comer,  he describes himself as "a comer-in-er" rather than Whitby born and bred.

Sitting out on the bench in the sun, had a good chat with John Gaunt lately of number 5 ~ such an interesting man and wonderfully handy.   He kindly fixed up the latest of my solar lights.   This week's visitors at number 3 were a friendly couple ~ Paul and Bianca (from Germany) ~ I like nearly all the visitors to the yard and many of them come back year after year so that we really get to know them.

A bit of a mystery at dawn ~ was woken at 4.45 by talking outside ~ mentioned it to Mar who said there were people up the yard around 2am as well ~ but no litter, no harm done.   Nice friendly email from Charlie (Georgie's baby) ~ I'm so glad we are all back in touch before I die ~ she bears us no grudge for giving her away for adoption and seems to be doing well in her chosen profession ~ something to do with caring ~ I'll look it up on her facebook page . . . 

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Charlie aged about eight with her brother Bertie and the spitting image of Georgie at the same age _ sorry it's come out sideways !