Bath Lift

Oh ~ what a relief !   I think the BATHING problem is solved !   Mark Jenkinsa, Occupational Therapist came to see if he could offer any suggestions about the bath ~although I have a proper shower cabinet on this floor I do so love bathing ~ he explained the equipment he could provide but only if I were terminally ill ~ otherwise I must buy it for myself ~ fair enough 
 then (bless him) on my computer he found dozens of the right model on ebay and will come back on Wednesday to install it for me ~ how kind.   It is probably going to cost around £200 but otherwise I will soon not be able to bath at all ~ it's getting OUT that's the problem ~ my knees aren't up to it !   I've been feeling quite depressed at this prospect, wondering each evening whether that was my last bath !

Sue was here and changed my sheets, ready for the laundry in the morning, and while I made a pot of coffee she had a good go with the cobweb brush ~ these days I simply don't see them which is a blessing in one way although visitors sometimes ask, "Where is your cobweb brush ?"

John from Wells is coming over on Sunday so that will be nice ~ he'll be up here visiting  family in York and one of his grandsons will drive him over.

I've been thinking about this fibromyalgia (I'll check spelling in a mo) : I'm still getting twinges especial;ly in the palms of my hands in spite of taking two doses of MSM each day.   I'm pretty certain it first hit me a couple of weeks after I'd treated myself to one of those mattress toppers ~ you know what I mean, a deep pad of foam 'rubber' ~ snow white and luxurious.   Changing the sheets for the first time after installing it, I found the foam had turned a mucky yellow, especially where it had been subjected to body heat ~ worryiing to say the least ~ some chemical reaction had obviously taken place possibly releasing noxious fumes which were causing the pain I was in ~ following blood tests, fibromyalgia was diagnosed and the only cure, the doctor told me, was steroids ~ STEROIDS FOR LIFE !!    No way !!   I rang my good friend, John Chapman, our Winchester Osteopath and Alternative Healer, who sent me my first bottle of MSM powder and I'd been taking it ever since, up until a couple of months ago when I ran out of supplies and risked doing without it  # after all, it was a good twelve years since I last had any fibromyalgia trouble : ie  intense pain throughout the body.   But lo ... (back after supper) lo and behold during the time when I was no longer taking the MSM it seems to have returned and with a vengeance ~ taling about it with someone the other day I recognised that the pain is the same so I ordered a new supply from Amazon and again almost immediately I started taking it again (a teaspoonful in a glass of water)  the pain left me apart from these odd twinges in hands, shoulders and the soles of the feet.

Way back at the start of this story, I phoned the mattress topped supplier and asked them to take it back and refund  the cost ~ they asked me to get it downstairs ready for collection but I refused saying I could hardly walk, I could hardly get myself down stairs ~ reluctantly they agreed that their man would fetch it down from the bedroom.   I wrote them a description of how the pain had started so soon after I'd installed their darned foam topping, and how my fears were raised when I saw how within a week it had changed from snow white to dried up mustard and surely there must be a link between whatever fumes were being given off as a result of bodily warmth on it and the start of this bloody fibromyalgia (?) (I will check it in the morning) ~ I wrote an article for The Guardian and sent a letter to some medical expert  at Exeter who was investigating claims into alternative medicines ~ but nobody was interested ~ I wonder whether other people have had similar trouble triggered by exposure to this nasty synthetic foam material.   It is especially worrying that after all these years WITHOUT pain, I leave off the MSM for a short while and it starts up again.   Surely this should be looked intoi.

I already told you in an earlier entry how nearly all the Old Dears at our Over Fifties Swimming Sessions had muscular or skeletal problems of one sort or another, and how those I persuaded to try MSM were astonished at the results ~ not the MSM pills, but the powder.   Even the sceptic with his frozen shoulder who when he did eventually and reluctantly try it , next swimming session was waving NOTH arms in the air in astonishment.

I'm so happy that Sue has agreed not only to come on Monday mornings, one week to hoover the other week (today that was) to change my sheets ~ she will also come in if something extra needs doing such as taking down sitting room net curtains and cleaning the window ~ I no longer feel I dare climb the steps ladder and dangle from the curtain rail !   Praise the Lord !