lovely fresh bedroom net curtain, thanks to Barbara !

The first lilac blossom !

In case you are worrying, my dear old friend in Winchester ~ another John ~ does not have a computer and so will not have read any of my unkind comments about his proposed funeral ~ I guess at his age (89) it's pretty amazing that he can still plan anything in such detail ~ I took the job on so I must not grumble about it but THANK GAWD it is corrected and printed and posted ~ never again I will do any typing for anyone ~ in the desparate years I was happy to type even the most gruesome drivel for people ~ it was often the only income I had ~ but not any more, thank you !!

Saturday afternoon : Recovering from Friday !   Sue turned up mis-morning with a coupklple of those delicious chocolate truffle ~ know what I mean ~ so we sat and had a chat over coffee ~ she had brought me a sweet scented pink in a pot which is on the kitchen table and lovely ~ I'd just had a bite of lunch when Christina came to collect this wonderful novel about Whitby in the time of Hilda ~ "A Swarming of Bees" by Theresa Tomlinson which I said I'd lend her ~ she'd brought two friends with her because she knows how happy I am to show people round my house, BUT unfortunately they came at 1.30 when I had just filled a hot water bottle to flop on the sofa, and although it was dreadfully unfriendly I simply couldn't cope with them right then as my eyes were really beginning to spin and I knew that if I didn't lie down I'd pass out so I shoo-ed them away which I felt ashamed to have done ~ I should have let them look round quickly on their own before I crashed out on the sofa ~ oh dear !   

Nowadays it hits me like this : some time between 1.30 and 2pm ~ I have to lie down ~ with a snuggled up under my animal blanket with hot water bottle on my tum I fall asleep instantly  but if for some reason I am prevented from flopping . . . we., I feel I might drop dead.   Slept for an hour or so and was just coming to when Barbara rang and came round, and then Beverley turned up, our new neighbour at number 5, with her mother Val who is suffering (as I wasall those years ago) from fibromyalgia and wanted to talk to me about this amazing MSM that John Chapman our WinchesterHomeopath and Osteopath put me onto when I was first diagnosed with this fearfully painful condition  all those years ago ~ MSM rather than the steroids which our lovely Dr Chadwick was going to prescribe ~ "but I'm afraid you will be on them for life.2   Poor Val ~ with her the trouble started 3 or 4 years ago (I think she said) and to start with they put her on steroids ~ TWENTY A DAY !!!  and she was still in agony !   Gradually she has weaned herself off them and is down to FOUR A DAY ~ I told her my experience of the instant relief from pain MSM brought me and how for fear it should come back I've taken it ever since, a teaspoonful of the crystal in a glass of water ~ that is until a couple of months back when I'd run out and stupidly thought it is so long ago now since the trouble started, there;s probably no need to keep taking the stuff ~ and yet, and YET within a few days of giving up these terrible pains started again which at first I did not connect to the fibro-whatsit but to Old Age ~ when it dawned on me that these were the same pains as before and I got a fresh supply of MSM (from Amazon) and started taking it again the pain first diminished and all that I have now is pain in the palms of my hands.   Anyway, having told Val all this and about our Old Fogies Swimming Club etc (see earlier entry) Beverley came though to the kitchen to do a trial test ~ with only half a teaspoonful in a glass of water which Val drank obediently and the rest of us bore witness ~ more chat and when they were about ready to go, she suddenly declared the pain in her hands had gone ~ GONE ' she could unfold her fingers again, and surprise-surprise she could raise her arms above her head !!!   And this a mere ten minutes after her first mild dose !   When this almost miraculous effect happened to me all those years ago, I told the doctor and asked him why he could not prescribe MSM on the NHS rather than a life time on steroids : "MSM isn't on the list," was the andwer.

I think I understands why his treatment would go on for life ~ I mean, when I gave up taking the stuff and the pain returned after all those years IT MUST MEAN THAT ONCE AFFLICTED BY IT THE FIBROMYALGIA IS IN YOUR SYSTEM FOR EVER !

Such a bright sunny morning I decided to wash the net curtain in my bedroom ~ I no longer hang washing out in the garden but with the door open it dried soon enough and I washed the window before the others came ~ I'd asked Barbara to help me put it back up, bless her which she did and such a pleasure to have it clean and fresh again.

This morning I spotted the first LILAC BLOSSOM on the tree ~ that is thanks to Richard's expert pruning once he'd stripped off all the ivy.   There hasn't been any blossom on the tree for two or three years as the ivy got a stranglehold ~ all good news !   After Channel 4 News last night, coming up for a bath (praise the Lord !) I found a black cat asleep on the attic bed ~ it must have crept in hours earlier when there was so much coming and going.   Thankfully it had not left me a surprise !

The neat shape of my white beam (or horn beam) ~ the fresh leaves do look white in the sunshine.