The gorgeous bunch of phlox that Georgie brought me

The other eye

Friday evening : today I have been to the Cataract Clinic in Scarborough again for an assessment of the RIGHT eye ~ rather worryingly, on Wednesday our local optician said it was too damaged for a cataract op to make much difference, but the Surgeon said although this was partly true, a new lens would still make a significant difference and so he will send for me in about four weeks.   The LEFT eye is indeed heaps better as I can tell from reading and blogging !   Today he was an Indian ~ so far I have been treated by a Syrian, a Greek, an Egyptian and now the Indian ~ only one Englishman, and a Whitby native at that !

There was a bit of a cock-up with Patient Transport ~ arriving for me 11.0, it was a Scarborough Taxi ~ the poor driver had had trouble finding Clarks Yard ~ a chatty ride over to hospital, and I was seen straight away and finished ny 12.30 but when the girl checked on her computer my homeward journey had been cancelled !   She told me to ask at the main Reception Desk but that was closed for lunch ~ however before long Chris our jolly Passenger Transport driver turned up to collect me and an old dear in a wheel chair with a carer who was taken back to her Nursing hOme before we set off for Whitby ~ it seems Chris had arrived to collect me at 11.02 to see me getting into the taxi and had radioed back to base that I didn't need a lift, but the return trip had been cancelled too in error ~ anyway, home by 2.30 or so ~pot of tea, 2 slices of delicious curranty bread, before a bath to give me new lease of life ~ thank goodness that I can still bath !

Yesterday seeing how poorly Georgie is, I could not sleep for worrying about her ~ she is still working and working full time for North Humberside County Council ~ getting up at 6.30 to be in Beverly by 8.0 ~ and always tired, dired nearly to death ~ so knowing she was having today off, before breakfast I rang her office and shared my concerns with Debbie who assured me they all realise how poorly Georgie is and do their best to reduce her work load etc ~ should she get a sick note from her GP she could give up work immediately and have six months sick leave on full pay, followed by six months on half pay, while her lump sum and pension are worked out ~ but no-one is forcing her out ~ it is entirely up to her when she decides to take this step.   I did feel slightly happier to hear all this but felt I should tell Georgie what I had done ~ I think this made her quite cross : "I will decide when the time has come, Mother . . . "   All day I felt qui;ty about having interfered, though I'd only done so because I am so concerned about her, but she rang me at tea-time and explained her reasons for battling on a while yet, and seems to have forgiven me, thank Gawd !

E-mail from Adrian that scripts of proposed TV dramas had arrived so FINGERS CROSSED !

While I was talking to Georgie Lucy arrived for chat and to tell me she is off for a week in Weston-super-Mare ~ she comes from those parts, her surname is Huish ~ I know there are HUISH places in Somerset ~ Episcopi Huish near Somerton where Mother lived in her old age, and where Nancy has lived for years ~ no I've got that the wrong way round ~ Huish Episcopi I think it should be which means I think the dwelling of the Bishops of Wells.   I feel rather mean as I'd forgotten it was her birthday yesterday so I'll close this now and send her one of the wacky Jacquie Lawson cards.

Saturday evening : Ghost Boy by Martin Pistorius ~ Christina recommended this book and I have downloaded it onto my kindle and ~ oh boy ~ do try to read it ~ it is the autobiography of a severely disabled  man who was struck down as a teenager by a vicious and unidentified illness which left him paralysed and speechless and through 12 years and more locked in as he was he was fully aware of all that was going on around him and could hear and understand all that was said ~ in his mid twenties he slowly-slowly begins to come back to life though as far as I have got to in the book, he never regains the power of speech ~ Ghost Boy is truly inspiring and gripping, filled with Martin's warmth and courage in spite of the dreadful restrictions life has dealt him ~ the cause of his sudden and devastating condition has not been identified though it could be some form of meningitis.   I do hope you will read it.

Beverley next door has made great strides in her garden and has been busy all day planting and organising stuff.   There was a garden table and two chairs up on the top pavement discarded several years ago by the people in number 3 for a grander set so Margaret and Peter brought the chairs down for Beverley though the table is too big and would have been overpowering ~ up there on the top paved area it is not in anybody's way and has come in useful each year at our Heritage Open Days.   Pressurised by the Civic Society, rather foolishly and against my better judgement I have agreed to hold open house again this year ~ mercifully Kate has agreed to come over and take charge for the weekend so that all I need do is sit there and entertain the hoardes with stories of the Sanders family who built the house in 1750 and some of those who have lived here since ~ it's true, I enjoy these events though to do it again could well kill me.

Such happy pictures on facebook of Charlie Thomas and Lu and their adorable twins !