Kate's boy, my oldest grandchild, Daniel Goldstraw looking so happy and handsome

Here comes the sun !

Monday afternoon : Another glorious SUMMER day here ~ I'm sitting out on the bench whenever possible ~ Sue came and did her usual magic throughout particularly on the stairs ~ then Saul and Bev came for toe nail cutting and Bev took over from him ~ they seeem to be a good team.   Finished yesterday's excellent kedgeree at lunch time so will only need a banana sandwich later.   Heard from Mary that she has got Dad's memories of his Lincoln childhood off to Lincoln Record Office ~ I should think they'd be delighted to have them ~ I know that when I worked in the Hampshire Record Office we were delighted to get even a letter from the past so that is splendid that his rich memories will be safe there for ever and most likely og great interest to future generations.

Aidrian tells me he has read both my TV plays and particularly likes "Message from Johnny" and is passing them through to his Writing Group there at BBC HQ Salford so fingers crossed.

Logging in here just now, I discovered I'd run out of space so signed up for another twenty pages with room for photos and videos (though I don't do videos) galore ~ all for an extra £4 per quarter ~ I'm so glad I stumbled over simplesite when I decided to have a go at blooging on 2nd January 2013 since when I've produced 443 entries each equivalent to a chapter in your average book !!   Amazing !!

There is a German couple at number 4 and Gabriella is very friendly ~ haven't met him yet ~ he is a high-powered scientist and when they are not out walking, he is upstairs reading ~ there are nearly always interesting visitors in the cottages in our yard  some of whom come time and again.

Yesterday : Christina came for coffee bearing treats as usual ~ apple puffs stuffed with cream ~ what a love !   After my flop Babrbara popped along for a chat, so that was nice ~ sent lengthy email to Ellen about the catastrophe that hit Whitby in 1605 ~ you might call it an earthquake or a serious landslip ~ much like the one that occurred a few years back when a house up above us here slipped from its moorings and I believe the whole row was declared unsafe and had to be demolished.   The 1605 event was on a much more serious scale and tore away a huge portion of cliff below the Church which now sits precariously near the cliff edge though when it was built it was a good mile inland ~ in the 1605 deluge mud and rock and rubble swept down from the Abbey plane covering all in its path.   Crystal always said she had a cellar but when the house was being restored recent;y it was confirmed that the cellar floor was the floor of the house that had been swept away in the landslide and the mud and debris that covered the yard must have been six or eight feet deep, and when rebuilding started they covered over the hole and built at this new ground level.   Apparently nearly every building on this side of the river collapsed at this time ~ most of them were built without foundations and were simply swept away by the mud ~ sadly for the people of Whitby another land slide happened a century later but by then the houses were built with good foundations so that the damage was far less ~ though the top half of Hentietta Street was washed into the sea and seven drowned ~ the scar below St Mary's Church is the result of the earlier disaster and there are still regular rock falls onto the beach below.

Wednesday afternoon : this morning I did a Tarot reading for Beverley which seemed to make sense to her ~ the way I do the readings, I have no idea what the story behind each card is ~ it's up to the Querent to interpret them guided by my interpretation.   PMQs and a wonderful opportunity for David Cameron to push for the REMAIN vote on 23rd.   I put a dish of delicious apricots into the oven to bake and bloody well forgot them and they are burnt to a cinder !!   Dementia indicator ?   Richard Eshelby is here clearing everything off the top of the high wall where we hope to eliminate all but periwinkle as it used to be, if he can keep an eye on weeds and brambles.

Cathis coming from Vision express at closing time to bring my new glasses ~ what service !   And taking the old ones to send off to those who need specs in the Third World.   This book about the somerset Levels : The Levels by Peter Benson ~ is brilliant ~ I bought it for the Kindle as I could not read the small print in the paperback copy I have ~ pure delight.