He would have been 90 too !

The cards that came out for Sue this morning

If he had lived, my dear John would have been 90 today,same age as the Queen, bless him !  I do miss him ~ we had nine happy years with lots of love and laughter. I got hooked on the Trooping of the Colour on Saturday night ~ amazing synchronisation and full of forgotten symbolism ~ it did go on rather ~ by the end the poor old Queen must have been longing for a cup of tea and a flop !

Have you tried egg pasta ~ I get some most weeks with my Sainsbury's order ~ see below.

Friday evening : I seem to have been getting side tracked all week ~ maybe I can catch up tonight.  The terrible killing of Jo Cox MP yesterday has dominated the airwaves ~ Question Time was cancelled last night, and Any Questions tonight.  All campaigning in EU Referendum has been put on hold, and programmes such as TODAY and PM have been refreshingly gentle and unaggressive ~ Jo had only been an MP for a year  ~ at 42 she had spent most of her life campaigning for the under-privileged, and against war ~ she and her husband lived on a barge on the Thames with their two small children ~ a terrible shock which actually took Cameron and Corbyn up to Batley together to lay flowers and pay their tributes to this exceptional woman.

I wonder whether tomorrow it will be back to normal on the political front with INs and OUTs hurling insults at each other.

It's been a miserbale couple of days with the cloud never lifting and  constant drizzle.

David is here at his cottage and turned up with packet of Cornish Fairings for me (they were just home from Cornwall) and as he recommended they should be eaten with a good dollop of clotted cream he actually nipped over to the Co-op to get me some !   This afternoon Beverley came in for tea and fairings which were absolutely delicious ~ two each,and a dozen more in the tin !  David tells me he is an ENGAGER at Beamish Museum, in the Transport and Industry Department ~ rather than label everything, the engagers are there to explain things to the public and engage them in instructive conversation ~ all in an unobtrusive way ~ "engager" ~ that's a good word !   To have labels everywhere would destroy the feeling that you are actually in a Victorian village !  Beamish Open Air Museum ~ look it up on Google.

Heard from Will that Ben got his results today ~ a 2/1 in Politics ~ which means he can go on to do his master's degree as he hoped.  Dan at York is just coming to the end of his second year ~ Kate and Alan are going over this Saturday to help him move into new digs, sharing with friends.  Natie is in the Lower Sixth down in St Ives with A Levels next year, and Doug is in the middle of his O Levels  and trying to decide which of several Sixth Forms to choose for next year.

Barbara is alarmed to see the tarot cards that turned up for me when Sue did me a reading on Wednesday ~ incredibly there were no fewer than EIGHT trumps among my ten cards !   I don't fully understand the layout Sue uses but the final card was DEATH ~ but then at my age death could take me at any minute ~ and I guess Death is the last card for all of us.  It's years since anybody read my cards so it was very interesting ~ Sue read mine, and then I read hers.

Richard did wonders with that far corner which has been completely overgrown and impenetrable for years ~ he came back on Thursday to take all the sacks of rubbish to the dump, and to plant several lavendar bushes around the stump of the red wood tree which I planted soon after I got here but which had gone berserk filling the corner completely.   Next thing, I'll ask him to do something with the small area where the blue wheelie bin stands ~ and remove the horrid white chicken wire from the wall ~ maybe that could be embedded on the ground to keep gravel stable ~ I'll see what he suggests.

I'm reading a book about a medieval convent in Spain and how it links in with a modern day American Art Historian ~ I can't give you title or author now I read on Kindle as I have to look them up on the Kindle website.   Here we are :"The Sisterhood" by Helen Bryan ~ set in Spain during the years of the Inquisition, and in the present day ~ powerful stuff !

Can you beieve ~ mid June and this evening I've had to put the heating on !







My dear John

The cars that came out for me this morning when Sue did me a reading

Delicious egg pasta ~ look out for it !