Georgie and Tony soon after I moved to Whitbt

A day out with my children

Alan Goldstraw ~ Kate's partner

Escape to the Country

Apparently on yesterday's "Escape to the Country" Nancy featured giving a brief but erudite history of Somerton and its old Church ~ I do wish I'd known about this 
 Kate just happened to be watching and suddenly THERE IS OUR SISTER NANCY !!   I'm hoping to find a repeat of the program ~ on Home + 1 ~ but I'm not much good at that sort of thing ~ maybe Kate will be able to discover it when she is here on July 15th to take care of me after the other cataract op ~ Nancy is a  published historian and archaeologist and knows what she is talking about.

This book "The Sisterhood" by Helen Bryan is absolutely gripping ~ a modern day thriller that links back to the Spanish Inquisition ~ those Catholics were quite as brutal and self righteous as some of today's terrorists ~ burning at the stake anyone they suspected of not following their particular version of Christianity, includinmg children ~ Muslims, Jews, Protestants ~ quite horrifying !    I must look up the author's background ~ an enormous amount of research must have gone into the novel !

7.30 following the David Cameron Any Questions : POURING for a change ~ all we ever get is drizzle.  I am registered to vote on Thursday but not sure I can be bothered as it means booking Good Neighbours transport to Polling Station ~ I must make a decision about this ~ if I do vote I'll vote for OUT ~ Brexit ~ though whenever this is mentioned on the radio I hear it as BREAKFAST !!

With Ben's results out, I feel I can mention my lot's qualifications : At Newcastle Kate got a 2:1 in Geopgraphy, and went on to get her master's in Planning and Conservation at Reading on Day Release from her job with Kensington and Chelsea Planning Dept ~ Will got a first in Ecology from Leicester and went on to get his PhD (Ornithology) : as for Richard, by the time he graduated from Canterbury we had lost him to the Starkeys and I don't believe we ever heatd his results ~ however they must have been good enough to allow him to study to become a Chartered Accountant.  And Georgie ?   Following her chaotic teens she has no serious qualifications but that does not mean she is any less intelligent than her siblings ~ in fact I seem to remember that some jolly IQ test showed she was brightest of all ~ and nobody could wish for a more loving and creative daughter, bright and beautiful.

No more tonight ~ I shall curl up by the fire with this fascinating book. . .  I don't know why some of these photos are relatively small leaving large blank areas !

 Monday afternoon : What I failed to mention that Will's wife Agi and Kate's partner Alan are both pretty intelligent too ~ Agi graduated at Szeged University in Hungary and then after she hand Will were married and living in Thetford she studied for a degree in Music at Norwich University ~ she teaches music in and around St Ives, and runs three choirs in the town (St Ives Cambridge, that is ~ near his RSPB work at Sandy, Beds).   Alan went to St Mary's College, London University and did a Science degree ~ Biology I think ~ I must check with Kate.  As she was always going to be the main bread winner, Alan was House Husband when the boys were small, and when they started at Heptonstall Village School he became first a Dinner Lady, to fit in with the children's needs, and now runs the Breakfast Club and After School Tea Club as well which seems to suit all of them.    How marvellous it is that people can organise their lives as is convenient to them, and never mind about conventional set-ups !

Sue was here this morning and has got everywhere looking spick and span ~ I am so thankful to have her as both friend and helper.   With Midsummer Morning upon us, you might like to refer back to an earlier entry in the first blog : ~ 206 for June 8th 2014 : Midsummer Magic ~ have a look at it.


Will and Agi today

Graduation Day