Mostly my lot

At one time Georgie was chauffeur to the Big Chief of North Humberside Council and drove him round in the official Mercedes !   Here she is in her uniform with Tony's daughter Caroline a;omgsoide in Georgie's second get-up !   After Tony, Bill came into her life and is with her still. 

I don't know why the photos are so small on the screen ~ I'll try and put that right in the morning.

Tony was involved with the Hull Skating Rink and particularly thew team from Canada ~ they got Georgie to model some fancy jersies for them ~ some of them came over here for Tarot readings !

Georgie and Kate with Georgie's daughter Charlie who when she was eighteen came to find her birth mother and all the family.

It's late now and AMAZINGLY hot ~ I'll label all tomorrow.   I've got alift to polling station at 10.15 ~ I shall vote OUT !