Independence Day

It is decision day for our future IN or OUT of Europe ~ I'd booked a Good Neighbours lift with driver Bill over to the Seamen's Mission at 10.15 and voted OUT ~ this is the first time I've left the yard in five weeks !    Sounds grim, but I seem to be busy all day long (apart from FLOP between 2 and 3pm) and there is never a day when nobody pops in for a chat ~ and now with Beverley next door and Tom and Mary up the yard we are chatting on-and-off whenever one of us is out on the yard.  Another gorgeous day though flooding reported down in SE ~ yesterday would have been the 42nd birthday of the murdered MP Jo Cox and there were vigils to her memory all round the world ~ on Monday when Parliament was recalled specially so that MPs could pay tribute to her, they each wore a white rose in honour of her Yorkshire roots ~ many MPs on both sides of the chamber were in tears ~ her husband was watching in the gallery with their two young children aged 4 and 3 (I think we were told) and her parents.   

It is so warm tonight almost like summer that I can't be bothered to do much more up here ~ having finished "The Sisterhood" I'm reading another Alexander McCall Smith on the Kindle, and I've another half-dozen already down loaded ~ quite marvellous, the Kindle, and without it I could no longer read at all.

Beverley brought me some really delicious strawberries ~ ENGLISH, and what a difference from those tasteless Spanish ones ~ I'd had a Sainsbury's delivery this morning and had somehow ordered TWO punets of raspberries so I gave her one and hope like me she made a fruit salad.

The Referendum results are expected to be announced throughout the night from about 11pm so I will probably stay up to watch ~ it is so addictive ~ "I'll just see a couple more results" etc !   If OUT wins, David Cameron will almost certainly be out himself almost immediately.

Friday afternoon : YES a very exciting night, the two camps neck and neck but before long it was clear that OUT was pulling ahead ~ I stayed up till 2am and went down again at 6.30 as the final result was being declared ~ 52%-48% win for the LEAVERS ~ David Cameron immediately resigned so who knows what will happen next ~ will it be Boris ?   The result is being seen as a good kicking for the Tories and their brutal economy measures ~ the bedroom tax, the cuts in disability payments ~ all measures to hit the poor and the most vulnerable.   I voted OUT for the same reason and am horrified to see on facebook that Kate and most of the wider family are seeing it as a disaster ~ "the lunatics in charge of the asylum . . . " as somebody put it ~ I hadn't realised that so many of my relatives are full blooded Tories !

In Winchester, after our divorce, I always got a job at elections either as poll clerk or a time or two in charge of a polling station ~ like yesterday, a long day, 7am-10pm at a General Election, but I think at by-elections and local elections business started at 8am ~ sometimes I went down to the Guild Hall afterwards and helped with the count ~ £60 a day I think we were paid ~ I wrote a piece about it which appeared in either The Guardian or Mensa Magazine ~ I copied it into the first blog ~ I'll see whether I can locate it . . . ah , here we are : Democratic Rites, number 137 November 1st 2014 ~ have a look at it.

Independence Day