Fight back

Good heavens !   I have four emails encouraging me to challenge result of referendum !   Surely we were OK BEFORE we joined the EU !    It seemed to me that both sides were peddling lies and scare mongering and not much to choose between them !   Let's give LEAVERS a chance !

Alison and Simon are next door and brought me a really delicious slice of coffee and walnut cane !   She is Peter's niece or cousin and has been coming for years with her hansome son Robert who is now studying law ~ Simon has only come into the picture recently ~ they are from Lincoln and glowing with happiness ~ Robert's father died years ago leaving her to bring him up alone ~ they are here for the week and the weather is glorious.   Alison is a midwife ~ imagine going through childbirth every day of the week !

Annie popped in to say thankyou for birthday card Tom & Mary delivered yesterday ~ I had explained to them it was the house with the blue door but it turned out ALL the doors in that terrace are blue so they knocked on every one until they found Chris and Annie !  And this time I had got the date right !   They had been on the Georgian Walk organised by the Civic Society ~ John used to lead it round all Whitby's handsome Georgian terraces, bless him.   

Sunday morning : I now have a couple more appeals asking me to sign up to a SECOND referundum ~ 52%-48% was not sufficient I am told ~ nothing less than 60% should be valid ~ as some of these protesterds have not been abroad for years, either to Europe or beyond they are simply bad losers !   Several of the normal Radio4 programmes have been cut short to make way forextended editions of TODAY, THE WORLD AT ONE, PM and THE WORLD TONIGHT for further agonising about the results.   David Cameron has gone and there are plots to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn too.   One astonishing detail ~ when the Camerons came out of Number 10 on Friday morning to admit defeat and announce his resignation, at that time of day, 8.0am Samantha was wearing 4" heels !    Surely she doesn't wear them to make the family's breakfast and do the chores !   Maybe it was a gesture of defiance !    And why do they never appear without holding hands !!   All part of the act, I guess.

Alison has brought me another slice of her coffee cake ~ so light and delicious with scrumptuous icing ~ a treat for later.   Although I only had a Sainsbury's delivery on Thursday, I sent another small order last night as I realised I'd forgotten several things including Nescafe ~ although I make a pot of French coffee two or three times a week, inbetween whiles I do need instant.

Annie Parker over the wall has been very frail recently and spends most of her time in bed ~ I mean, there is no sign of life in her kitchen and the curtains are not opened ~ I tried to phone her a couple of times but when she did pick it up I got the feeling she was pretty confused and did not know who was calling ~ she is 95 and is lucky to have a daughter each side, Jean looking after her, though Doreen on the other side is recovering from a stroke.   Annie's husband was founder of the boat building business up river ~ Parker Marine.

I'm reading another novel by Helen Bryan : "War Brides" ~ good, but not as gripping as her other one, "The Sisterhood".