The extension phone ~ wonder whether it could be the main one ?

The amstrad emailer which seems to be giving up the ghost after 17 years !

The wall clock which has been an hour behind since the clocks went forward ~ I can't reach it to adjust it and these days dare not scramble up onto a stool ~ Peggy's picture of Barra below.

Whoops ! Engager

Engager   Too tired to do any more up here tonight . . . maybe tomorrow.  

Saturday morning : David is here, busy at number 4, and tells me I mis-spelt his role at Beamish Open Air Museum :  he is an engager ~ engaging with the public !  I must find it on the blog and correct it.   He popped in, and Barbara too for our usual lively chat ~ there are plans afoot to install a gate at the entrance to the yard, a tall handsome wrought iron one, but not with "PRIVATE" on it, which would put everybody off, but at Daviod's suggestion, "NO THROUGHWAY" ~ a gate which can be shut at night would keep drunks out who are inclined to sneak up for a pee or even ~ quelle horreur    ~ to vomit !!

Sunday afternoon : dull again but at least it's not raining ~ not sure if it is poppies or poppeys ~ must look it up ~ funny how we get caught out by such common words !   I'd failed to wind the clock yesterday ~ it had stopped ~ with this bloody fibro myalgia winding it is agony !   I've mentioned this before, but when I was diagnosed with the condition following blood tests heaven knows how many years ago ~ 15, 16, 17 ~ the doctor said there was nothing for it but steroids, steroids for life !   That's when I rang John Chapman, our lovely homeopathic man in Winchester, who sent me a pot of MSM which worked incredibly quickly and only hours after the first dose all pain had gone !!   Since then I'd kept taking the MSM even though I had never had the slightest twinge of pain ~ until recently, I can't remember exactly when, but I'd run out of the stuff and decided there was surely no point in taking it still, after all this time ~ mistake ~ BIG MISTAKE ~ at first as the pain returned I did not recognise what it was but put it down to old age, and by the time I did and was back on daily MSM I guess the condition had got a hold ~ the funny thing is it started in my hands, not the joints but the palms of my hands and now it is quite severe in shoulders and hands ~ usually it will be one side only, one shoulder, one hand, but sometimes both ~ last night for instance I woke with such pain in my right palm I could not get back to sleep and eventually went down and took another dose of MSM ~ a teaspoonful in water ~ and the pain cleared almost immediately ~ it may be risky, but I'm now taking it twice a day which mostly keeps the pain under control.   Must look it up on Google ~ MSM ~ I'm pretty certain it hit me first after a couple of weeks on one of those matress toppers ~ snow white foam which very quickly turned a nasty mustard colour in response to body heat ~ god knows what noxious fumes were given off in the chemical process !   Avoid foam plastic matress toppers, and presumably foam filled pillows !


The poppies just bursting forth on Mary's garden

Mary's poppies round their pond