The sofa restored to health and beauty !

The mallow in flower

A Green Dream in a Green Glade

My little garden is so green and lush at the minute ~ to sit out on the bench with a mug of tea is pure delight.   There are different varieties of clematis climbing up through the lilac, and a pure white one on the obelisk and against the high wall a wonderfu mallow covered in pink flowers !!   The lavander and things that Richard planted over in the far corner are doing brilliantly thanks to a week of sun and showers.

Yesterday was Will's birthday, his 54th ~ ~ he arrived around midday ~ a school day~ the midwife called Howard in from school to be at the birth but poor he misunderstood and thought he had to go and deal with the fish cart and he rushed up to welcome the new baby with a parcel of kippers !   Ah me ~ so long ago !

I've been trying to book transport to Bridlington Eye Clinic for Thursday but could never get through ~ the recorded message always was "this is a very busy time and you may be kept waiting for ten minutes or more so unless your appointment is in the next two days we suggest you try again later."   A couple of times, in desparation, I kept holding on but after fiftenn minutes on each occasion I gave up ~ this morning I rang at 9.0 sharp and thank goodness did get through and booked transport for the cataract op at Scarborough hospital on the 15th while I was at it ~ I only need transport THERE that day as Kate is driving over from Heptonstall to bring me home and stay overnight just to make sure I'm OK ~ bless her !  Barbara had offered to be here when I got back as she did last time ~ so much kindness.

Wednesday evening :last night a little present dropped through the letter box ~ one of Beverley's lavendar bags ~ I put it under my pillow as directed and did indeed have a sound night's sleep.  The report on the Iraq QWar was published today and T Blair comes out of it pretty badly ~ he was trying to wriggle out of it all afternoon but his sorrow and regret was not convincing ~ the feeling is that he wanted to be George W Bush's "best mate" at no matter what cost to our troops or the Iraqi people.   Some bereaved families are calling for him to be tried as a war criminal.  Theresa May is streets ahead in the Conservative Party leadership contest, ans only two others in the race including Michael Gove !

Will was surprised I hadn't mentioned the Angus boys killed in the First War especially Stewart who fell on the Somme ~ I'll look their dates up and make sure I'm getting the facts straight.

To Bridlington Eye Clinic tomorrow ~ it's two months since I last went but my eye sight is really dreadful now ~ let's hope next week's other cataract op will make a difference though when I went to see the local Optician recently she said there was so much damage to this right eye she doubts they will bother doing the op.   Depressing but thank goodness I've got the Kindle.   The book I'm reading now is fascinating ~ the story of a rae Chinese Ming vase through the centuries, swinging back and forth between the present day and Holland in the past.   I'll give you title and author tomorrow.

Optomistically I've put away the winter cords and switched to summer trousers but not sure this was such a good move.   Sainsbury's delivery this morning, £60 ~ to my amazement today's driver started on about my TV appearance ~ all of 3 minutes it was, on Country File, over a year ago !

Friday evening : Oh ~ how marvellous !   Sue came this morning specifically to deal with the sofa ~ all these years, I've given it a jolly good spring clean at least once a year but nowadays I simply can't lift off cushions and rugs and animals ~ she tossed all the bears and their companions ~ Winnie the Pooh and friends ~ into the big tub and I sat out on the bench giving them a good brush while Sue did a fantastic job on the sofa, even dragging the middle section out to clean behind it ~ and Boy !  was it filthy !   I gave her a couple of bears for her GREAT GRANDSON ~ Sue is twnety years younger than me but already has a GREAT grandchild !  

What a wonderful difference her efforts have made !   Later to complete the transformation I changed the cushion covers.   I'm giving Paddington and his Great Aunt Lucy from Patagonia to one of the Charity shops ~ I must take their photos for the family album before they go.

It seems crazy talking about a dofa make-over with so many dramas in the news especially the shooting of five white policemen in Dallas at a protest march against the shooting dead of so many young black men in the US by police for the smallest offence ~ I think yesterday's killing was of a chap in his car for no more than having a faulty rear light ~ Bang !  Bang ! and he's dead ~ frightful !   The killer was blown up by police, though no police ever seem to get done for their casual killing of black men !

And over here there is all the political excitement about the election of the next Conservative leader ~ two women left in the race, Theresa May is the favourite by far.   And jeremy Corbyn is refusing to budge in spite of the fact that most of his front bench have resigned ~ however at the same time enormous numbers have signed up to join the Labour Party just in the last ten days presumably to show their support and approval of him ~ fascinating stuff ~ I'll switch off and watch News night in a mo and last night's Question Time was wonderfully lively.

By the way, the sofa I bought only a couple of weeks after our divorce, after we moved to North View, me and Will and Kate which makes it 38 years old and now it;s lovely and clean, as good as new ~ I bought if from the posh furniture shop in Jewry Street, Winchester with the £300 Georgie Jenkinson had left me ~ we all three of us went down to try it out before buying a similar model from Habitat ~ when I explained that to the shop's manager, he gave me a significant discount (I can't remember how much) telling me his sofa would last a lot longer than Habitat's ~ and I guess he was right !   With the discount I was able to afford the lovely green standard lamp which having lent it tpo John for nine years to brighten up his furnished flat,  I then nearly lost it to his charming family ~ Gowan and I went over in his pick-up truck and recovered it in a dawn raid ~ I really love that lamp ~ its green-ness and its slender elegance !   Thank you, Gowan.

Eccles School and School Houseto the right where both Will and Kate were born

Mrs Rudd, my kind helper, with Will whom she adored !