All clean and bright ~ thanks to Sue !

Off on their travels again ~ Paddington and his Great Aunt Lucy !

Paddington ~ farewell !

Having spring cleaned the sofa yesterday, I decided there really were too many animals and I'm sad to say it was Paddington and his Great Aunt Lucy who agreed quite cheerfully it was perhaps time for them to move on to pastures new ~ the others were all sorry to see them go, but coming as they do from darkest Peru Clarks Yard, Whitby had become a bit dull for them.   Christina was here with scrumpuous cakes from Bothams and she gladly took them with her when she left to set them on the way to their next adventure.   They lived with John first, and eventually came to me ~ definitely time for them to move on, though I hope they do not feel rejected, either of them.

So good to see Christina again before next Friday when she flies back to Vancouver  ~ when she moved back there a couple of years ago I was afraid we would never see her again but she hopes/ nay EXPECTS to come over again next year, so that will be lovely ~ she likes my (French) coffee and used to turn up every six weeks or so with cream cakes ~ today it was a delicious apple slice plastered in cream, and a strawberry tart ~ we shared both !   Such a good friend and so well-travelled ~ before settling in Vancouver she's lived and worked in Australia, New Zealnd and travelled all over the US and South America ~ makes me realise what a narrow little life I've lived ~ but it suited me fine ~ I am not enterprising in that way ~ a right old stick-in-the-mud !

Peter and Mamily are next door ~ those four delightful children ~ I expect they'll pop in for a chat in the morning.  There's always something interesting going on in this yard.

Wednesday 13th : Such a deamatic few days since I last sat down to write to you ~ the outcome is that having lost the IN/OUT Referendum David Cameron resigned as Prime Minster and following his final PMQs went to see the Queen, shortly afterwards Theresa May newly elected in his place followed him to the Palace and was appointed in his place !    Meanwhile the Labour Party is in disarray ~ the MPs are determined t get rid of Jeremy Corbyn and there are now two contenders standing against him.

This morning Sue came and gave the corner above the Aga a thorough and much needed clean ~ I'd taken everything down first thing and got all washed and dried ~ it took four sinkfuls of hot suds as everything was filthy.   Now all sparkling clean so bless you Sue ~ I had been afraid she might say, "This is just too much . . . " but she is such a brick she has agreed to come an extra morning next week to do the same for the kitchen window and the section above the draining board ~ Praise the Lord !   I should have taken a picture of the chaos while everything was piled around the kitchen, but never mind, Sue took a couple afterwards once order was restored.

Late afternoon and Richard came and tidied up that messy area where the blue bin stands, among other jobs including putting the newly arrived solar bricks along the high wall.   And he repotted a couple of the large flower pots.   One way and anotherI have such wonderful help.

Yes, Ella, William, Joel and Olivia came in on Sunday morning ~ they are such a civilised family ~ then the friend who was next door with them and their parents popped in to ask if I could do her a Tarot reading ~ as they were away home to Leeds after lunch, all of them, I turfed the children out and did it there and then, not in the kitchen as usual, but on the low coffee table ~ I was a bit worried that I was too harrassed but it seemed to work (as always) including tears which I take as a good sign ~ Caroline insisted on giving me £20 which was very generous. I was totally knackered afterwards.

I realise that I'm constantly making typing errors these days ~ hopefully things will improve after my second cataract op on Friday, though our local Optician warned me the eye is so damaged she can't think they'll bother but last week at the regular trip to Bridlington, when I told them this, the surgeon said that although there is a lot of damage and the new lens won's produce a miracle, it should make a fair bit of difference ~ fingers crossed.   Kate is meeting me there to hold my hand as Georgie did first time, and then she'll drive me home and stay the night, so that will be lovely ~ it's not often I see her without her boys : Alan, Dan and Dougie, much as I love them all.

I've got the lovely music from Ely Cathedral Choir, "Will your anchor hold" and a selection of sea shanties and hymns ~ absolutely stirring stuff ~ I simply have to sing along ~ the amazing thing about this and its fellow is that the picture on the covers are of the famous HENRY FREEMAN of Whitby who actually lived here in this house, certainly around 1881 as he and his family are on the census returns ~ he was the only survivor of a frightful shipwreck in 1861, the only life boat man not to perish, thanks to his cork life belt, he was trying it out.

Wednesday evening : off to Scarborough for second cataract op in the morning ~ Kate is meeting me there to bring me home and stay the night so I doubt you'll hear from me before Saturday ~ let's hope my it will make a difference !

Two very interesting books I've read recently (thanks to the Kindle) : 'Amy Snow' by Tracy Rees, and before that, 'Daughters of the Silk Road' by Debbie Rix ~ both of them brilliant.

Henry Freeman ~ life boat man (and one time resident of this house)~ what a wonderful face !