Beverley and friend dressed for Pirate Party down on beach ~ complete with revolvers !!

Back in business

Sunday morning and at last have recovered from Cataract operation on Friday and it does seem to have improved my eyesight, praise the Lord !!   Had such a wacky time with Kate ~ she was with me in Willow Ward untl they carted me off for the treatment, and brought me back afterwards ~ after a quick cuppa she popped over to the Co-op and made us a delicious supper of this egg pasta which I have become addicted to ~ with a lightly fried mix of fine chopped onion, garlic, a red papper and mushrooms ~ absolutely scrumpuous ~ finished it last night without even bothering to heat it up !   Then strawberries and ice cream ~ we remembered Will's 21st and the party we had on the back garden of North View ~ I'd made several pizza and ~ yes ~ fifty plus chocolate eclairs ~ I was still a house wife and mother in those days ~ I think Georgie and Tony arrived from Hull with about ten pounds of strawberries that they'd picked somewhere en route ~ what a party we had ~ and the birthday boy had just heard he'd got a FIRST !

These were the first strawberries we had ever had ~ each summer I longed to get some especially around Will's birthday but "Strawberries ~ we cannot afford strawberries" the bread winner would declare ~ what was the point of all his study to get a headship if then we could not even afford the occassional treat !!    Now, shamelessly, I put strawberries on my Sainsbury's order whenever I feel like it ~ that is, once the ENDLISH ones are available ~ Spanish strawberries are tasteless !

Terrible atricity in Nice the other night, on Bastille Day when thousands were out on the Promenade des Anglais for fireworks ~ a mad man drove a truck through the celebrating crowds deliberately running down as many as possible before the police managed to shoot him dead ~ 84 dead and 200+ severely injured.   And then last night reports of attempted coup in Turkey with over 2,000 soldiers arrested and talk of the death sentence for ring leaders.   But this morning the suggestion is that it was deliberately orchestrated by the President to allow him to introduce even fiercer restrictions on personal freedom especially for women.   God Almighty ~ the world certainly is in a mess !

I think it must have been the heat yesterday, whatever ~ I found I could not open the shed door to get to the hose ~ had to go and ask for help from one of the visitors at No.4 ~ a family with an adorable toddler sitting out on their patio.   The family in No.3 have a very noisy dog which barks furiously at everyone coming up the yard ~ Tom was going to complain to Johnny though if a dog is allowed in the cottage I don't see how a noisy dog can be banned.

With Kate's good supper we opened a bottle of white wine, so yesterday in the blissful cool of the evening Beverley and I sat out on the bench and finished it off.   My garden is sheer delight now ~ a green dream in a green glade (as someone once said).   As we sat there with our wine, Mary came down with a slice of her chocolate cake for us ~ chocolate cake with coffee cream and icing !   I've saved half of mine for tonight.

I'm thankful to discover that the hose stretched right over to water the far corner where Richard planted something that will climb up that horrid white chicken wire.   I hope he'll pop in and dig out this fearful bramble which is making steady progress towards the house like something out of a horror film ~ the triffids, perhaps ~ I tried to chop it back but it is far too vicious to tackle without thick gloves.

We've left Kate's sheets on the bed as no-one else is expected before she comes back for the HODs in September, bless her.

Another solar powered toy ! Just 4 whirling beads create this magical effect !

Kate's gorgeous sunflowers and daisies