Solar magic

Security measures in the heat ~ ribbon screen and clothes horse ~ that should deter the Baddies !

My gorgeous new Crocs !

Thank Gawd it's cooler !

The last few days have been scorchers ~ today it has been much cooler with several showers of rain.   Tomorrow I have two Tarot readings in the morning and a mystery friend coming at 1.0 ~ I am so deaf that when she rang I didn't catch her name : "It's so long since I saw you and as I'll be in Scarborough in the morning I could pop over . . . "   Was it my friend Liz Wise ?   We'll see.   Then this morning a man rang to ask if he and a friend could have readings on Thursday afternoon : "I came to you some time ago . . . "   I 've only been doing one a month , suddenly FOUR readings in one week ~ if two come together and sit in on one anothers I charge £20 together ~ each reading takes about 45 minutes ~ they usually record them on their mobile phones ~ there is far too much to remember ~ I think I'll get the table ready tonight to avoid panic in the morning ~ they are Beverley's friends and coming at 10.30.   AS I type I've got the 'Salad Days' disk playing ~ delightful, and brings the production back ~ when did I see it ?   With Howard ?   It was the summer of 1954 when it was produced at the Bristol Old Vic ~ maybe I went in the summer holiday before he came on the scene ~ I would have been twenty and about to start teaching ~ God help me !   The show took Bristol by storm but I never hear any of its wacky tunes ~ it would do for Radio 3's BREAKFAST programme, 6.30-9.0 daily ~ I am woken by it each morning though sometimes go back to sleep till 7 o'clock news bulletin ~ a gloriou start to the day ~ they are currently asking for suggestions for SUMMER music.

Dreadful business in France today ~ an 85 year old Catholic priest murdered at the altar ~ scarcely a day goes by without an atrocity in France or Germany.   Four others injured ~ thy all had their throuts cut !    Michelle Obama gave a most powerful speech in support of Hilary Clinton saying that she wakes up every morning in this house built by slaves ~ Jon Snow gave us a long quote and said it was the sort of speech which should go down in history ~ maybe she should be standing for the Presidency.

I noticed somewhere reference to BeckettUniversity, Leeds ~ that will be our old teacher training college, Beckett Park.

Thursday pm : Such a busy day ~ Sue came and cleaned the kitchen window inside and out and all that corner ~ wonderful !   Saul came with Bev to cut my toes nails ~ 2.30 Marcus and Fiona came for readings ~ he's been before, more than once ~ lime green crocs came ~ super @ have ordered Salad Days CD for John Stephen ~ I remember from Rachel's diaries how much they loved it ~ once she went to see the show in London with the wrong John and how miserable she was ~ all the magic had drained out of it. 

Why do we never hear of this delightful show , with its catchy tunes?