So many blessings

Taking stock of the last few days, I realise how much kindness has come my way : take this morning, right ~ Peter's painters were clearing out his gutters, and I asked them to do mine too while they had their long ladders here, and they refused to let me pay them !   Yesterday morning I discovered to my horror that I'd run out of my blood pressure pills ~ phoned Boots in a panic as although going without for one day probably would not lead to my death, but didn't want to be without over the weekend ~ Boots somehow contacted the doctor, got the prescription and at 7.30pm delivered the pills !   Amazing !   When I rang to thank them this morning I realised it was my fault they did not appear automatically as usual ~ the system has changed and now  have to fill in the slip that comes with the medication in order to get the next month's supply ~ I'll need to ask Barbara or someone to drop the slip in at Boots each month ~ not understanding, I may have ripped it up ~ heavens, let me check ~ NO thank goodness, I still have it and have filled it in right away ready for some kind friend to take it to Boots for me ~ there is also a cheque from John in Wells for the CD of "Salad Days" which I ordered for him from Amazon ~ I remembered from typing up Rachel's diaries how they loved the show and like the characters in it they were students themselves at the time, coming tothe end of their medical studies at Bristol University.

I've finished Rosamunde Pilcher's ""Voices in Summer", and now I'm reading "The Black Velver Coat" ~ I'll look author up later.   I keep losing things ~ hope it's not the onset of dementia ~ I can't find the little voice recorder that I used to take with me when I was giving talks ~ after dinner talks and talks to to Ladies Luncheon Clubs ~ I was initially paid £100 plus expenses and eventually this was increased to £200 ~ funny how I could hold the interest of someimes as many 300 women, but I couldn't teach a small class of five year olds to save my life !   The Speakers Finders sent me all over ~ York, Bradford, Oxford and even once as far south as Bristol ~ well, Thornbury where I found I was giving my talk in the Castle where mu old friend Georgina Jenkinson was brought up, the Honourable Georgina Jenkinson !!  Thornbury Castle ~ see  number 65 ~nature notes.

Mary brought me a generous helping of delicious fish pie which did me two nights ~ how kind  !   Hers was a cordon bleu version with great chunks of salmon ~ my humbler version was one of my famiiy's favourites ~ the fish content being mainly coley, a cheap grey fleshed fish which came in a frozen block but with a tiny tin of salmon to flavour it it was nourishing enough ~ with a finely chopped onion and a squeezed lemon, I'd mix this into equal amounts of mashed potato and cooked rice ~ sometimes I'd fry dollops of it to make fish cakes, but it was easier to put it in the oven in a pie dish for 40 minutes ~ I remember the children calling out to each other : "Mum's making fish cakes ... "  (or fish pie)   Ah me ~ those were the days !