The Peggy Angus book that I seem to have lost !

The useful Tupperware box I still use today for sewing things

What else did I forget ... ?

The mallow which is absolutely glorious ~ practically filling that side of the garden and covered in blosso,

So ~ as well as the small voice recorder, no bigger than my camera, what else have I lost . . .

The booklet that goes with the fridge/freezer ~ I've looked everywhere in the kitchen, in the bureau ~ no sign of it ~ I only needed it in the recent heatwave to make sure I wasn't turning it up too high ~ surely I couldn't have thrown it out ~ I looked it up on Amazon thinking to get another copy but haven't done so yet.   In any case it is much cooler so probably I can leave frifge settings as they are.   Infuriating nevertheless !

The other thing I seem to have lost is the PEGGY ANGUS book ~ maybe I've lent it to sombody ~ I still have the wonderful privately published one which cost £300 when it came out and is chock full of her work ~ paintings, wall paper, decorated pebbles ~ I'll leave this to Kate as when she lived in London she used to visit Peggy in her Camden studio and became very fond of her ~ usually when I lose something, in the frantic search for it I unearth something else that I had forgotten I'd lost !  For heaven's sake !!

I so miss the set of five enamel storage bowls with plastic lids that I've had for years, even from our Quarry Road days, that I found another set on ebay but they are ghastly ~ the enamel is damaged, and when I put them in the washing up they immediately started to develop patches of rust ~ only about £8 and free postage, but dreadfully disappointing ~ I must send them back ~ have now ordered a set of Tupperware dishes instead ~ TUPPERWARE !!   I'm amazed to find it is still available though all except this set come from America with enormous postage to add on to price.   You may think it's daft of me at my time of life but I was using the original set every day to cook stuff and store stuff in the fridge until gradually all the plastic lids split or buckled and no longer functioned, and the enamel became stained and chipped ~ pf course I wont be able to put the Tupperware in the oven, but otherwise it will be useful, and no doubt one of them will be glad of the bowls when I've gone.

It must be fifdty years ago that Tupperware took us by storm ~ remember ?   There were Tupperware parties when the agent demonstrated all the wonderful uses of the product which came in so many shapes and sized and all so colourful ~ I held a Tupperware Party myself once in Eccles ~ the hostess got a free gift according to how many items she persuaded her friends to buy ~ I got a very useful box which I still use for sewing kit ~ needles, pins, thread, crochet hooks ~ from so long ago.   I also still have a large Tupperware bowl in which I used to pickle onions and red cabbage before bottling them,make mincemeat for Christmas, and fill it with black berries for jam when we'd had a family expedition !   So there you are ~ Tupperware certainly lasts !

The large Tupperware bowl ~ still going strong after 50-odd years !