What ! You don't believe in fairies !!

The door to Fairyland

I love John Dowland's music

Oh dear ~ I keep falling asleep ~ possobly the intimation of my coming end or is it that because of the heat I'm not eating properly ~ made a proper meal tonight with pasta, mushrooms and toms and hopefully that will fix it.   Invited round to the Doves for coffee in the morning and I'll take the Salad Days CD with me ~ they saw the show in London during their honeymoon, I think Chris said ~ it should warm their hearts hearing it again, recovering their first fine careless rapture.   I've left a message for Richard and I hope he will find time to do some serious pruning for me ~ on the far wall the jasmine and honey suckle and periwinkle have gone mad flopping about six foot above the top of the wall, and I guess even the glorious mallow could be trimmed back though it would be interesting to see how high it would grow if left to its own devices ~ it's already up above the top of the high wall !   To think what a mess the garden was for the first few years I was here ~ piles of brick and stone and tiles, like a builder's yard, and now ~ and now a green dream in a green glade.   I'm reading an interesting book (on Kindle), The Sisters ~ I'll tell you the author tomorrow.

Friday morning : For the past few weeks I've been suffering quite severe pain ~ the return of the dreaded fibro myalgia after stupidly I decided not to carry on taking the MSM which has kept it at bay for heaven knows how many years ~ twelve or thirteen at a guess ~ not having had a twinge of pain in all that time, when I stopped taking my daily dose it gradually crept up on me until I was rarely without pain ~ yesterday my good friend Annabel popped in for a chat ~ Annabel is a Healer ~ she helped me considerably while I was waiting for my second hip replacement ~ it didn't cure the problem, of course not, once the bone is crumbling away there is little hope of restoring it, BUT her healing sessions reduced the pain wonderfully ~ so yesterday I asked her if she could give me healing to aleviate this pain ~ nothing fancy about her healing method ~ certainly no hokey-pokey, nothing melodramatic, but for ten minutes or so while I sat quietly with my eyes closed she stood behind me with her hands on my shoulders, and  then gave me a drink of water, and that was it.   I already felt much better during the evening, and this morning for the first time in weeks I got up without pain !   The funny thing about this fibro myalgia is that the pain comes out in different parts of the body but always balanced ~ BOTH little toes, the palms of BOTH hands, BOTH shoulders etc ~ interesting !   Bless you, Annabel and thank you for your generous gift of healing !

Sainsbury's delivery came so I've sorted out the fridge and freezer ~ lovely fresh bread for lunch ~ some people I know don't eat bread ~ it surely is the staff of life, and what is more delicious than a crusty slice of fresh bread and butter ~ yes, BUTTER !   Some quite intelligent friends look on butter as poison while merrily eating margarine or some other butter substute all of which we know contain about sixty SIXTY chemicals !   Even during my most poverty stricken days I somehow managed to afford butter ~ otherwise I preferred plain dry bread !

Chis sent text of Annie's latest book ~ her sixteenth ~ attached to email but although I have downloaded it I cannot access it ~ "Entertaining Angels"  ~ it's about refugees and our attitude to them, with contributions from several friends ~ maybe someone can help me translate it from a PDF file ~ horrible things !   Otherwise I will have to wait until it is published ~ Annie's pen name is ANTHEA DOVE and her books of full of gentle wisdom.   The garden is suddenly looking in sore need of some serious pruning ~ I've left a message with Richard so hope he will turn up next week.   I'm terribly DEAF now as well as blind and lame ~ Annie was telling me some good family news which I completely mis-heard !!   Mind you, my children tell me I've been deaf for tears ~ when they asked me something or told me something they could always tell when I hadn't heard as I'd make a non-commiting grunt depending on the tone of their voice ~ a grunt that might mean "imagine that" or "possibly" or "well done" ~ it was the inflection that enabled me to decide my response, without having a clue as to what had been said !   "But you said I could go to the baths, Mum ... "   Crafty kids !   Oh dear ~ not much left to lose ~ what did Shakespeare have to say about old age ?  "Sans eyes, sans teeth . . . sans every damn thing"    Depressing !

Sunday evening : thank goodness ~ Annabel's healing has worked and since she was here on Thursday I've had no more of the ghastly fibro myalgia pain ~ I don't know how she does it but what a gift ~ it's only recently that she discovered she had this gift ~ her career was in teaching, until her retirement she was head of modern languages at one of the Scarborough Comprehensives ~ however it works, what a blessed relief.  While I was waiting for my second hip replacement and in a lot of pain Annabel came regu;arly to give me healing which helped enormously though there was nothing to be done about the crumbling bones ~ thank you, my friend.

I've always loved JOHN DOWLAND ~ I think Janet Smart introduced me to him years ago when I was still married ~ I had a tape which has been played too often and recently gave up the ghost ~ yesterday I went mad and treated myself to a John Dowland disk ~ all his flute music ~ 4 disks ~ played by Jacob Lindberg ~ it arrived this afternoon ~ yes, from Amazon on a Sunday ~ and it's playing as I type ~ gorgeous !   What with this and Salad Days last week my music library is growing.

Have just finished this brilliant novel I found on kindle ~ i must check author and title ~ absolutely fascinating.   

The mallow ~ ever more gorgeous !

Richard's neatly trimmed box bushes