Deep firm booster cushion for kitchen chair

Typos !!

Barbara warns me that my typing / spelling is getting worse which is scarcely surprising considering how feeble my sight is even after cataract removals ~ I have to go to Scarborough for check-up on Thursday ~ there is some improvement but not much.   Sue was here this morning and I was horrified to discover that her birthday card with enclosure had not turned up though posted first class by Charlotte last Tuesday ~ rang Charlotte who assured me she had posted it ~ later, when she got home, Sue rang to say the card had just been delivered ~ six days by 1st class post !

I'm finding it very difficult to get up from the stool at the table and this old chair was all-but defeating me, so I ordered this deep firm booster cushion which is too big to fir squarely on the chair but is fine diagonally.   This chair is one of the items that came to us in Buxton soon after we were married along with the bureau, the grandfather clock and practically the entire contents of Aunt Georgie's apartment in Edinburgh ~ in our Norfolk days I had a mad fit of painting everything ~ stools, chairs, chests of drawers ~ we had so little furniture in the old School House (two up and two down, for the six of us) that the children shared one large pine 4-drawer chest ~ I painted each drawer a different colour : Richard's RED, Georgie's GREEN, William's BLUE and Kate's YELLOW ~ we must have left it in  Quarry Road when we split up ~ quite a work of art ~ there is a black chair in the attic with different coloured spokes, and this one, and the two kitchen stools !   And that must be fifty-two years ago ~ I painted them outside on the school yard when there was no danger of children getting in the way.

One of the best things about this time of year is lying in the bath immediately under the OPEN skylight !

Wednesday evening ~ yesterday was quite a day ~ it was ten past eight by the tome I got downstairs and Richard was already hard at work on the garden so I made us both tea before getting on with the ironing ~ Johnny is here and came up for a chat and made us all coffee ~ Richard and Johnny and me ~ Kate had phoned the evening before to say that on their way home from a few days in Durham and then Newcastle, they would make a detour and spend a couple of hours in Whitby ~ it was about 2.30 when they arrived and we all had mugs of tea and chat before they went off to see the sea and back again for an hour before they set off home though thanks to the dreadful traffic it was nearly 10.30 by the time they got there EXHAUSTED !   Such a friendly visit and their boys so handsome and chatty and thoroughly delightful ~ Dan has just finished his second year at York, Doug is anxiously awaiting the O Level results which come out next Thursday ~ Kate is definitely coming over for HODs weekend, so that's a blessing.   Later David popped up the yard to say hello ~ he's just here for a couple of nights ~ he read out the latest comments in his visitors Book which are all glowing with appreciation of number 4 ~ his clean, comfortable, charming cottage ~ he has not taken any bookings for the Heritage w/e and he and Alison will be here to open up for our visitors.   In fact we are both rather concerned about the information Whitby Civic Society has put on the national HODs websight, and David came in this morning and after discussing the situation, he rang Mike Dawson the President to try and clarify the situation.   Beverley next door is opening up as well, though only allowing people into her kitchen, NOT upstairs ~ if other years are anything to go by, we should get the usual throng ~ anything between 100 and 150 visitors over the two days of opening ~ exhausting, but people are so interested and interesting ~ I think it is more interesting seeing how people live rather than the Churches and Meeting Rooms and other venues opening too.

THis morning, Beverley chose her colours for a ribbon reading and seemed happy with my analysis of the bunch.   I was just emerging from a deep flop when Barbara rang and came round for our usual lively parley.   Ben was 21 yestrday but his card only reached him today ~ a friendly call to rang to thank me card and cheque ~ with his 2/1 degree (politics from Birmingham) he has now applying to do his Master's, abroad if possible.    Then I watched the delightful Canal programme, this time they were exploring the canals of Venice ~ and that's more than enough for today and I'm switching off to have a read before NewsNight ~ last night NewsNight didn't seem to be on ~ funny !


The skylight open above the bath