The flowers Georgie brought me on Saturday.

Weather Warnings

Warnings of dreadful weather over next few days ~ it's already feeling cold ~ I've been round closing all the windows.   Richard was here before 8am to remove bags of garden rubbish from far corner ~ once he'd loaded his van, had tea and chat.   I've made an appointment on Tuesday to have another eye test as they told me off yesterday at Scarborough Eye Clinic for getting new specs before both cataracts had been dealt with : those I've been struggling with for the last month are useless, they told me ~ but Cathy at Vision Express assures me they can probably simply replace the lenses ~ mind you, I get free glasses anyway but it still seems a terrible waste, having to get new pairs so soon ~ distance glasses, reading ones and a special pair for working at the computer.

Long chat with Will last night ~ they are planning visits to the universities on Natie's list, Newcastle among them ~ they will go to an Open Day there on 17th September, staying here on way up and way home again ~ she has done so well in her O's and the first four A's that she has taken a year in advance that her school is encouraging her to try for Oxbridge !   Maths is her greatest strength ~ apparently the school has never had anyone to equal her in maths !!

The Heart Shop will collect a bag of stuff from me in the morning so must get it all ready for them tonight ~ such a help that the shop will do this.

Saturday morning : Yes ~ the Heart Shop came and collected two bin bags of stuff ~ a wonderful help.   Georgie rang and came over and I was relieved to hear that Bill was driving ~ he always makes himself scarce so that we can have time together, though I would like him to come up the yard sometimes and have a cup of tea with us ~ Georgie is taking homeopathic pills as prescribed last Tuesday ~ she says she had 100 and more questions to answer and has to go back in a month ~ the consultation lasted an hour and a half and cost £60 but better than the 5 minutes maximum you get at the GP's surgery ~ let's hope it helps.   So good to see her if only for a couple of hours.

Monday eveningSue was here to change my sheets ~ I no longer even pretend to help ~ "you sit over there and let me get on with it !"   She always makes it SO comfortable I could crawl in then and there !   Made out a delivery for Sainsbury's in the morning when I get back from the optician but have just realised I might not be back by midday (appointment at 11.30) so rang Sainsbury's helpline and they've changed it to 1-2pm  ~ thank goodness !   Had a bath and then found Peter and Margaret out on their patio so they came down and caught up on news~ with their whole family they spent a week in Ireland celebrating their 50th anniversary ~ 17 of them in all ~ the grandchildren had put on a play about their lives which sounded hilarious !   I only know four of them, but those four are quite delightful.

After a wet start it turned out to be a beautul afternoon ~ the gardens are glad of the rain.   The kindle book I've just finished was "The Sister" and I'll give you the author tomorrow.   Crystal's house is looking wonderful all beautifully restored ~ wherever she is now, I do hope Crystal is delighted with it ~ I think she's lived in it for 40 years, certainly ages before my time.

Following the cataract operations, I have to have new lenses in all 3 pairs of glasses ~ not sure how I'll cope till they are ready ~ maybe I can fish out an old pair ~ I didn't hand them all in back in June when these new pairs were ready.

Tueday 23rd ~ which might have been our 61st wedding anniversary ~ if I had stayed the course !   Too hot to do much tonight ~ "President Trump" on Ch'4 at 9pm ~ with Good Neighbours transport (Nigel this time) got round to Vision Express for eye test and new glasses (post cataract ops) ~ not much hope of any improvement in right eye but left one 90% good ~ Sainsbury's delivery and driver very sensibly phoned to check I was home rather than come back to Whitby at 1pm ~ usual sorting out of fridge, pork pie for lunch and watercress and then a good flop with door wide open ~ I watered the garden after Ch'4 news and then bath ~ we provide Saudi Arabia with arms with which they then attack Yemen !!   And we are always so self-righteous about Human Rights !   Olympic athletes home to wild rejoicing.   Last night with Peter and Margaret in number 7 every house in the yard was occupied for the first time n years.

The flowers Beverley brought me ~ yellow for happiness, she says