Douglas Goldstraw

Doug's in his first suit for Junior Prom

Doug on his 14th birthday

Dougie busy in my garden

Well done Dougie !

The O Level results came out this morning ~ here is what Doug got : 4 x A* ( Eng Lit, End Land, Physics and Geography) ~ 2 x A (Biology, Chemistry) ~ 2 x B (Maths, Drama) ~ 2 x C (French, Art) ~ for Physics he had 100% which the school says they had never known before !   Bloody bright bot, bloody wonderful results !!   This means he can now choose which Sixth Form College he goes on to next term ~ Halifax School ~ apart from its excellent reputation, Kate can take him in every day on her way to work.    What with Doug's results, and Ben's 2/1 from birmingham, and Natie's excellent O;s and A's last Thursday, we seem to have produced a pretty brainy lot ~ I'm not ignoring Dan who is about to start his final year at York so it will be this time next year when we learn how he has done.   Grandmothers are allowed to brag a little !

Friday morning : RIGHT ~ today I must concentrate on getting things ready for the Open Days with fact sheets for helpers IF I can muster any ~ only Lucy on Sunday afternoon so far ~ maybe Kate and I can manage ~ I could simply not allow people upstairs ~ Betty was supposed to find me a couple from the Civic Society ~ last year Mike Dawson (their President) was here all Saturday ~ my regulars from earlier years have either died or moved to Derby !   As I type I've got the choir of Ely Cathedtral singing sea shanties and rousing hymns : Will your anchor hold ... etc ~ both disks with 'my' Henry Freeman on the cover 

Friday evening : Yes, discovered I still had copies of all factsheets for Open Day ~ for the exterior of the cottage and the yard, the upstairs, and ground floor ~ thank goodness I don't have to print them all out again ~ tomorrow I must read and sort out notes on Sanders and others who have lived here over theyears, as far as I am able to.   Mary just came down with a dish of her delicious hot pot for me ~ I'd already had supper so have transferred it to one of my pyrex dishes to heat up tomorrow ~ how kind Mary is, and the same rich gravy as last time.

I think over the months I've included all my stories in the blog ~ all but one, and that I cannot find.   I wrote it in the Winchester days ~ I went down and stayed a night with a friend down in Havant whose husband hasd lost both legs, poor soul ~ next morning I got the bus into Southampton to spend 24 hours with Bridget, a fellow writer, a poet ~ she drove us down into the New Forest in her camper van ~ it quickly became obvious that she hadn't driven it before ~ she parked up beside a lake and we settled down to write ~ this story that I've lost I wrote about the situation where I'd stayed the previous night ~ meanwhile Bridget produced 8 lines of rather pretentious poetry ~ we both read our efforts out to Southampton Writers Circle that evening ~ I don't believe ever submitted the story to a magazine ~ not even sure I typed it up ~ maybe it's in one of the many foolscap hard back note books still to be checked ~ I've probably lost it ~ sickening !   It has only now dawned on me that all my short stories bar one are ghost stories ~ maybe I should try them as a collection ~ too late, of course ~ anything I have not yet done will never be produced.

Someone came to the door earlier whom I vaguely recognised ~ she said she'd come for readings for years whenever she was in Whitby ~ 15 years ago and more ~ don't feel like doing another reading for her but suggested she comes in for cuppa in the morning ~ she greeted me like a long lost friend ~ I expect I'll remember once we get chatting.

Sunday afternoon : yesterday's visitor was LIZ one of three friends from Sheffield (I think) who's come to see me regularly, whenever they were staying in RHB ~ then they disappeared and I did wonder whether they'd been washed out to sea but looking back I may have upset them by asking £10 each for readings and no special treatment ~ none of this was mentioned over mugs of tea, all very friendly ~ her grand daughter was with her, a ten year old, half Brazilian ~ Annabel's grand daughters are half Peruvian (I think that's right) ~ all very interesting, and all three girls quite beautiful !

Later, Beverley came in to tell me she was back ~ it was her birthday, and she brought us each a glass of some delious stuff a bit like Bailey's but with a delicate orange flavour, made from some fruit that only grows in Africa ~ elephants love it, the fruit, I mean, not the drink.

Cold again today and wet ~ a bit worried about HODs next weekend but if the Civic Society have failed to produce ant helpers then I simply wont allow people upstairs ~ I get so tired at the slightest extra I hope the weekend doesn't kill me.

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