Getting ourselves organised for an earlier Yard event ! With Mary Smith's wonderful floral display !

Tom's birthday cakes !

Oh glory !

It was only when I rang Patient Transport to book a lift to Bridlington Eye Clinic (more injections) that I discovered the Heritage weekend is NOT this coming Saturday and Sunday but a week hence ~ I'd somehow lost a whole week !   Better than the other way round !   Betty came with programmes, record sheets, bunting and balloons for us, and then Ellen popped in on her way up to her garden, and after a sound flop, Barbara came with various dramas to share !   I knew it is Tom's birthday and as I can no longer get up the steps, Steve the Post had dropped a card in for him ~ just as I was making my supper, Mary came down with a plate of birthday fare for me ~ a scone, a chocolate bun with coffee cream, and a slice of birthday cake ~ Mary is a brilliant cook and so generous to me ~ I am very lucky.   Earlier Cath rang from Vision Express and she'll bring my new glasses in tomorrow on her way home from work !   Wonderful !   It was a glorious sunny day and hot ~ too hot and too bright to sit out on the bench.

Wednesday morning : Kate the district nurse came to take my blood pressure for annual MOT ~ result : 103/74 and the second reading standing up, 104/80 both of which seem rather low but Kate said as long as top figure did not fall below 100 nothing to worry about ~ such a nice young woman, married to a shep farmer somewhere up the valley with 3 children ~ as well as their sheep dog, a working dog which lives in the barn, they had just got a puppy, a cross between a spaniel and a poodle ~ young as they are 8,7 and 3, the children all helped with the lambing although the youngest, a boy, found the actual birth disgusting !   Later Kate rang to say she'd had a word with the doctor who says I must take an asprin daily, soluble, to help prevent strokes and heart attacks ~ I'm afraid when he prescribed them at Easter after I'd had that funny turn lurching around the yard, I only took asprin for a couple of months, apart from anything else, the brain scan showed no trace of damage ~ but must take one faithfully every morning I am told.   

True to her word, at 5.30 Cathy turned up from Vision Express with my new glasses ~ 3 pairs, one for reading, one for working up here, one for watching TV ~ how kind of her to bring them to me ~ she took the old pairs which she assures me get sent out to Africa so at least they are not wasted.   I'm reading another fascinating book on Kindle ~ although you can download just about any title, the ones they recommend are for the most part quite new to me, new authors and new categories that I would not normally choose, but so far pretty damned good ~ this one is "The Secret Life of Bees" ~ I'll have to check name of author on Amazon as I can't read it on kindle screen.   Most recommended books are from series which seem to be the important thing : Finding Emma series, Brilliance, the first of trilogy, The Bones series etc ~ a one-off title is no longer enough ~ I must admit that after reading Susan Hill's first Simon Serailler title I shell definitely look for others.   I had read earlier books of hers, "The Woman in Black" among them, and found them rather tame ~ she's clearly found her voice with CDI Simon Seailler ~ brilliant and really-truly un-put-downable.

Thursday morning : I am much later getting up nowadays ~ when I think of all those years when John was around, I'd always phone him at 7.20 so that we knew we had both survived the night, before dashing down to Anderson's for the Guardian, and hopefully to exchange a word or a hug with Robert and Gowan, then back to make a pot of tea and a piece of toast to take up to mybedroom for a quiet session with the paper ~ I was intensely aware how special this time was and I wallowed in it ~ of course if John was sleeping here I had to think of him first, and pull myself together and make his breakfast while he had first reasd of the paper but that's MEN for you ~ much as I loved him (and others before him) there's a lot to be said for the single life !   Nowadays I can scarcely get myself up the stair, never mind a tea tray ~ and at bedtime, I only ever bring a mug of WATER up for fear of spilling anything else ~ even lemon barley water !

In spite of not getting down until gone 8.0am I seem to have achieved a fair amount this morning though I'm quite relieved the HODs are NEXT weekend ~ Betty has organised some helpers for me, in particular Mike Dawson, the Civic Society president, who will give me the whole of Saturday, and Joy Huish will come on Sunday afternoon, and Sue on Sunday morning, so with my Kate here all weekend we should be OK.   With Betty's contribution we have balloons and bunting and OPEN posters galore so all we need now is good weather ~ looking back over the twelve or thirteen years I've been doing this, I can only remember ONCE the weather was dreadful.   Pretty lucky, what !