With Mum and Dad outside our Quarry Road house, and Richard and Bruno too

Yards feature on our Whitby programme ~ don't know why I can't fit it all on screen

That's more like it if you can read sideways on !

Summer's over

Saturday morning ~ wet and cold ~ hope it's not like this next Saturday !   At this rate I'll have to get my winter cords out again !   AND Yes I did ~ changing into a pair of the cosy fleece  trousers I got from Cottopn Traders a couple of years back and at last I felt comfortably warm.   

Sundat afternoon : pouring steadily again all morning but it has brightened up now ~ 4th September was our Dad's birthday ~ 1903 I think he was born, bless him ~ in addition to his highly demanding job, he practically kept us going with fruit and veg ~ the St Martin's Road house had a large garden, half of it given over to greens and beans and potatoes ~ in addition he had first ONE and then a SECOND allotment down beside the Church Hall ~ and throughout the war he was up half the night as an air raid warden, fighting fires and dealing with bombed out families ~ as a child he had had piano lessons, a chance all respectable working class families gave their children, and after the war he took it up seriously again, treating himself to lessons with the Miss Garjulos, who taught each of us in turn.   During the air raids, both of them, Mum and Dad, taught themselves Classical Greek "to take their minds off the horrors" ~ roping in the vicar and one or two neighbours.  One of his passions was Iceland and having taught himself Icelandic, he then produced a modern translation of the Icelandic Sagas ~ one of the highlights of his life was a trip to Iceland with his friend (and the family's GP) Douglas Gawn ~ a special Saga tour led by Magnus Magnusson.   All this alongside writing seven books, not to mention a houseful of children ~ astonishing really !   We were lucky in our parents.  

The only time I remember crossing him was in the Fifth Form at school when without telling him, I gave up German which I loathed ~ when he discovered what I'd done he was furious and insisted I keep on with it and take the O Level exam ~ he arranged for one of the Sixth Formers to coach me on Saturday mornings and I did scrape through ~ funny that ~ French was my best subject but I really hated German !   But a good memory of him is the time he came on his own for a few days with us in Quarry Road ~ with all the family at school,  he and I had a trip to the Isle of Wight ~ such a happy day, just the two of us.   

Maybe this explains why all the men I loved were older ~ Water 20 years, Fred 10 and John 7 ~ were they all father figures !   My dear old Dad !   xxx

Monday evening : exhausted !   Sue was here this morning to change my sheets ~ such a help ~ they go off to the laundry in the morning ~ another of the indulgences all these Benefits allow me !   God chat with Beverley after lunch, telling her about the time when the other bench was destroyed @ woken 2am by quiet vouces outside ~ quiet voices ~ didn't put light on or investigate but in the morning discovered planks of bench seat were smashed ~ I guess some Yobo was  sitting there with a girl he wanted to impress by attempting to open sitting room window and climb in ~ fortunately the timbers of the old bench gave way
 ~ I sincerely hope he hurt himself  ~ in the morning when I discovered the damage I rang the police and someone did come round but nothing came of poice enquiries in spite of CTV at bottom of the yard : "I'm afraid we don't always bother switching the cameras on !   At least I hope the incident will have given would-be intruders a nasty shock, if not a broken ankle !  

The children gave me the first rustic bench on my 60th birthday, and after 15 years later after it had been smashed up clubbed together on my 75th to get me the elegant one I have now ~ very much appreciated and enjoyed ~ both of them I oiled every spring, TEAK OIL, but now in my dotage I get Richard to do it for me.

Made delicious risotto which went into the oven while I had a bath ~ 9.pm and can't be bothered doing anything more tonight so switching off to have a good Kindle read before NewsNight.

With all of us at their Diamond Wedding party

Louie and Gavin with David,their first born

Daddy ~ the gardener !