Hot and clammy ~ Barbara is getting me some cash and bringing it round later ~ Ellen popped in on her way to her garden # she plugs the flex for her lawn mower into the socket in my shed and then drops flex over the wall up on Peter's patio ~ big hoo-hah on news about Keith Vaz MP filmed at a sex party with male prostitutes !   

Wednesday evening : Sue came this morning so all clean and tidy for Open Days ~ fearfully hot and muggy ~ too hot to eat properly ~ just now Barry and June turned up to tell me he will be my helper on Sunday morning which means we are now fully covered for both days ~ Mike Dawson on Saturday, Barry out on yard on Sunday morning and Sue upstairs, and Lucy upstairs on Sunday afternoon, and Kate organising everyone all weekend ~ all I will have to do is sit and talk to them about the Sanders etc ~ I hope I can manage that.