Some of Beverley's wacky witches

Much cooler

Thursday afternoon ~ Barbara came for a chat and to tell me about the trip she and Tina had last weekend to Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace ~ I've just sent an order to Sainsbury's for delivery tomorrow ~ Judy and David went home this morning from number 7 ~ I'm just starting my friend Annie's  (Anthea Dove) latest book, Entertaining Angels, in manuscript as it hasn't yet found a publisher ~ her fifteenth title I believe, and wonderfully topical ~ seeing refugees in a totally different light and wholly positive.   Chris tried to send it as an email attachment, he tried three tomes but I could not access or download it, I am coping with this <S copy though I am having to use a magnifying glass which slows me up, but so far extremely interesting and thought-provoking.

Woke this morning hot and sweaty so was in the bath before 7am which gave me a good start.   Will & Agi and Nati will be here tomorrow on their way to Open Day at Newcastle Uni ~ one of Natie's possible choices ~ it will be quite late by the time they get here, and away first thing on Saturday morning, and back for another night ~ that's nice ~ living as they do down in St Ives Cambridge I don't often see them ~ Kate changed her sheets and made the bed up for them, and they are bringing a caping bed for Natie in the little attic.   I suddenly feel very hungry so I think it's bacon and egg for supper.

Later : Only 30 minutes of Ch/4 News while the Parakympics are on ~ Question Time later ~ Bev brought me a box of eggs from the market ~ from a local farm : Free Range, large and quite delicious with large deep yellow yolks ~ she says she'll bring me a box every week if I like !   These Simon Serrailler books by Susan Hill are really good, gripping ~ I'm into book 2 of a dozen or so.

Friday morning : dull and muggy ~ not downstairs till 8.30 ~ I'm getting worse ~ tidied small attic ready for Natie tonight ~ they are bringing a camping bed for her ~ chat on bench with Beverley and sorted out fridge ready for delivery ~ and then I must catch up here.

Realising I only have a couple of copies of NINE MEN'S MORRIS left I looked it up on Amazon where there were various offers ~ two at ONE PENNY each, one at £153 !!!   And another at £175 !!   For heaven's sake ~ this is a modestr self-published paperback originally priced at £6.95 !   To start with, I read £153 as £15 which did not seem exorbitant ~ but these prices are utterly ludicrous ~ cannot believe anybody would ASK so much, never mind PAY so mch !!   Astonishing !

BBC 4 ~ there is something worthwhile every morning on BBC4 ~ there was Melvyn Bragg's excellent  series on the North of England in 10 episodes, and this week we've had two fascinating programmes exploring the theory, the very strong theory, that mankind developed at the water's edge ~ by lakes and fresh water rivers ~ David Attenborough referred several times to Elaine Morgan's wonderful book THE DESCENT OF WOMAN published by Souvenir Press in 1972 ~ I passed it on to Will who seems genuinely interested in Morgan's theory of evolution.

Monday 9.30pm : as always nowadays after visitors, no matter how much I have enjoyed them, today I have been a complete wreck ~ a zombie ~ they arrived about 8pm on Friday, Will, Agi and Natie, and while the others dealt with the luggage taking it up to the attic, Will went for fish and chips ~ very good they were, from The magpie.   Rather than sleep on floor of little attic, Natie brought her duvet and pillow down and slept on the sofa.   All up early, and they left soon after 8.0am for Newcastle University Open Day ~ the course Natie hopes to get onto sounds perfect for her ~ a 4 year rather than 3 year course combinin degree with Chartered Accountancy ~ Will had reservations and prefers a similar course at Bristol ~ they went for a good walk and came back with Tai Curry so another easy night for all of us ~ Sunday morning nobody stirred before 9 ~ after breakfast they stripped their bed ready for laundry in the morning and went off for another walk ~ Will down on the Scar, the others to a wacky shop where Agi found a beautiful short floaty dress ~ slim as she is, Agi can wear these things with black tights she looks stunning ~ nobody would think she is the mother of two grown-up children    She is very involved in an internet forum for women and at half term goes out to meet a couple of them in the USA.

A thoroughly happy visit but as always it left me rung out ~ tonight I feel myself coming back to life ~ if Natie goes to Newcastle she says she could pop down to see me sometimes ~ she has blossomed into a delightful young woman ~ I'm so pleased they came.