Natie and Will

The Autumnal Equinox

Wednesday afternoon and at last recovering from all the recent excitement.   I am reading the MS of Annie's book : "Entertaining Angels"  ~ a powerful passionate plea for a more charitable attitude towards refugees and immigrants ~ at last I understand the title, a quote from Jesus who said that in helping the poor and needy, the homeless outcast we might be entertaining angels.   Because of my poor eyesight I am making slow progress but NOT because the book is boring or difficult, but because I am having to scan each line with a magnifying glass ~ it certainly deserves to be published ~ I do hope someone will realise this and soon.

It is our sister Helen's birthday, her 66th according to Nancy ~ I thought I was 17 when she was born ~ I'd just done my O Levels (School Certificate as it was then) and was in the Lower Sixth Form but with five younger siblings in the house including a new baby, I gave up and left school shortly after Christmas when I got a job as kitchen maid at Eton College ~ an idiotic career choice which eventually led to a year as an au pair in Switzerland before teaching college and marriage !   I was an idiot, but nobody tried to dissuade me !   But it has all come good in the end.

Friday morning the 23rd : Have been reading Annie Dove's powerful and passionate book about refugees and asylum seekers and the hard time they get from the department when they apply to be allowed to settle here, usually after terrifying experiences in their homelands of torture and rape ~ the object of the Court always seems to be to refuse them asylum status and send the poor souls back where they came from ~ so much for our civilised Christian country !   Another unforgiveable feature of these applications is that each one is generally spun out over years, YEARS ~ 5, 7, 10 years !   Adding to the fear and misery of the applicants who cannot work while their case is underconsideration.  Mostrous !   And as often as not, inspite of scars of tortue, thei stories are not believed, dismissed as lies.   I do hope Annie finds a publisher, but if not, she should publish it herself inviting like-minded friends to contribute to the cost ~ she should then send copies to all and sundry : the Archbishops of York and Canterbury, the minister and shadow minister concerned with refugees and asylum seekers, The Guardian, Jon Snow, Polly Toynbee and other philanthropists.   One of the great things about the book is the contributions from the refugees themselves, and from several people involved in helping them : Entertaining Angels by Anthea Dove ~ although she explains the title, I felt it isn't strong enough for the boo's contents ~ perhaps she can think of something punchierand use this title too : "XXX XXXXXXXXXXX  or  Entertaining Angels"  ~ just a thought.

Saul came to cut my toe nails ~ Barbara is popping in this afternoon ~ Steve the Post opened the jar of apricot jame which defeated me last night when I was dying for some on toast.

Agi and Natie ~ and Will's bum !