Sue's gate picture

The yard entry with new gate

Blackberry pie

Oh my goodness ~ Mary is so kind ~ she came down with a helping of blackberry pie, and a little pot of thick cream ~ I should have taken a photo of it but couldn't resist tucking straight in ~ the blackberries were gathered from the cliff-face above their garden ~ such kind friends.   Beverley took my camera down the yard for pictures of the new gate ~~ wrought iron and rather elegant ~ should deter the drunks and riff-raff.

Georgie came with flowers, bless her, and chunky kitkats ~ oh dear ~ I find them irresistable !   Had a couple of hours before she went off to find Bill and the car ~ I hope he drove home ~ she did not seem quite so shaky but says it is always worse in the evening or when she's tired ~ poor Georgie, I could scream to think of what lies ahead, and she's already had more than her share of trouble what with a life-time of epilepsy, her teenage pregnancy and all.

Sunday afternoon : another lovely autumn day ~ Jean and Terry Dale turned up this morning so had a good catch-up with them ~ they recommended I watch Freeview 17 on Thursday nights when there are several programmes about ghosts and children with strong memories of past lives ~ sounds fascinating.    Deryck's parents from Wakefield ~ hadn't seen them for a couple of years ~ they were wonderfully helpful over the Heritage weekends.

Women don't seem to wear make-up these days, or if they do it is so subtly applied that you don't realise ~ then someone appears on telly with vibrant lips and she really looks like a clown.   The new gate seems to be a success ~ it is not locked at night for fear of a fire or an accident of some sort but it certainly is a handsome piece of wrought iron work.

Monday 5pm : Sue was here ythos morning to change my sheets ready for the laundry tomorrow ~ a wonderful help ~ had a good ta;l about all her theories and suggested she start a blog rather than sweating away writing a book which could take months and no guarantee it wpould find a publisher bullied her to GET CRACKING TONIGHT !   I know how easy it is, how tempting to start spring cleaning instead !   She said she'd email meonce she'd chosen her bloggoing firm and made a start.   

Finallygot rest of Dad's documents off to Lincoln Record Office ~ Sue posted them off for me ~to be added hopefully to stuff Mary already sent them ~ George L Proctor was a Lincoln man so might be of interest ~ certainly when I worked in the Hampshire Record Office, a whole life story like this would have been welcomed.

Sainsbury's delivery at 12.30 with their most cheerful drivers, Barry ~ what would I do without this service ?   I'd be constantly asking friends, "Can you bring me this or that or the other ? " and become a darned nuisance.   

On the Kindle various titles keep popping up for me to "try a sample" but most of them are fairly rubbisky ~ romantic tosh with too many adjectives and everything spelt out ~ I must keep to authors I know whose work I enjoy.  

Tuesday afternoon : have just discovered I can't get into my email ~ having pressed HELP button, cannot see well enough to follow instructions ~ infuriating ~ I must try again later.   Waiting for laundry to come back, by 3pm I was practically passing out in my need to flop so it was 4pm before I came to !   Beverley is doing well with her little witches and was taking a boxful to one of her outlets ~ they certainly are cute and she fills their hats with various herbs and spices _ selling 17 today she can scarcely keep up with demand.

close up of curly top ~ Beverley could not get a photo of full height of gate as white van parked right there.