Next year's Dodo pad and free address book

One of the clay tiles with match stick alongside to give an idea of its size

The delicious helping of cauliflower cheese Mary brought down for my supper ~ how kind she is and such a good cook !

Yesterday was quite exhausting ~ Allen and Jean came in the morning ~ he's from Keighley and she's from Skipton ~ Allen's been a friend for donkey's years ever since he turned up at the door to see if with the pendulum and a bit of magic I could help him discover the origin and purpose of a cache of clay tablets, about the size of Scrabble tiles, uncovered on the Pennine moors ~ for full story see the first blog :  number 66 : Unearthing the Past ~ I'll attach photos of a tile and sheet with all the symbols found on them.   Allen and Jean come for a few days in Whitby around this time every year ~ had a happy hour catching up on news ~ as always, they brought Elizabeth Botham's biscuits,TWO packets this time, much enjoyed with our tea and coffee, bless them !   Allen is a historian and with a passion for grandfather clocks ~ In the early years he'd check mine, clean it and oil it for me, but that became a bit too much for him, and thankfully I have found Tony Swift who services the clock regularly ~ Tony is an interesting man as in addition to CLOCKS, he is a maker of Philosophical and Scientific Instruments and Specialist buyer in the Instrument Trade.

Oh ~ I wrote a piece for the Guardian about Allen's problem coping with his mother in her dementia AND continuing in his job ~ I'll see if I can find it.  I think I included it in the first blog but I can't put my hand on it ~ back then, he could have been forced to sell their home to pay for her residential care ~ the policy was eventually dropped so that he could put his mother into a Home and keep a roof over his head ~ a wicked Conservative idea ~ Virginia Bottomley's, I seem to remember.

Time to order next year's DODO PAD ~ maybe it is tempting fate, assumung I will still be here and needing a desk diary in 2017 ~ in spite of doubts went ahead and it has just come ~ my sister Mary introduced me to the Dodo Pad way back in my wife-and-mother days, yes right back to Quarry Road, and no matter how difficult things were financially, I've managed to get one every year since : I was tempted to chuck them out recently in a fit of clearing stuff out to simplify it for the family when I die ~ but then (and just in time) had second thoughts and grabbed them back from the hands of the dustman !   Crazy really, but it suddenly felt as if I was throwing my past out and could not do it ~ so one of the children will have that pleasure eventually ~ this is the 51st edition I see ~ and my 50th !   I really cannot survive without my Dodo !

My stars ~ it is quite a windy day and after breakfast when  I went out to shake the table cloth the door slammed shut !  I was locked out on the yard !   I have spare keys in one of those security boxes on the wall but that was no help as my eyes are too bad to see the code I should be entering ~ thankfully Beverley was around and came and rescued me ~ I think in case of this happening again I must keep another key hidden in the shed where I don't need to cope with tiny dials and secret codes !   That was nasty ~ if Bev hadn't been around I might have had to wait till the postman came by !

Jean and Allen told me of one holiday cottage they stayed in last year which was infested by fat slugs, green or yellow, the sort you find under a stone in the garden ~ they didn't see them in the day time, but Allen went downstairs in the night and to his horror and disgust found them everywhere on the groundfloor ~ on walls, windows, furniture, carpet ~ everywhere ~ in the morning they insisted on being moved to another property ~ SLUGS !

Mary brought me down a pot of cauliflower cheese last night ~ I intended to stretch it over two nights but it was so scrumpious I gobbled the whole lot !

Some of the symbols inscribed on the tiles