Brother Bill a few years ago

Brother Bill and Suzie

Message from our brother Bill with plans to come up here via Lincoln on October 20th for one night only ~ that would be lovely ~ I can't think when I last saw them, Bill and Suzie, other than briefly and among a great crod of family at Mother's 100th birthday party at Castle House Home in Somerton ~ John and I went down together ~ John Stephen picked us up ast Temple Meads and we stayed with him ~ he drove us over to Somerton next morning ~ that must have been January 15th 2006.   Apart from that, I've no idea when I last saw Bill.   In case, with such fragile connections, to have them staying here in the house might be too much for all of us, I'm asking Johnny (number 3) and David (number 4) is either of them could let me book their cottage for that one night which would mean they'd had enough of me, Bill & Suzie could escape to their own place ~ I'm so pleased to think they are coming ~ they can't fail to be entranced by Whitby.   Hope we can sort something out though if those other cottages are booked up, B & S will be quite comfortable in my attic.

A friendly message from Natie saying that if she decides on Newcastle Uni she'll be able to get down to see me sometimes ~ and if Harry gets into York, they could meet up and come for a weekend together.   It all depends on their A Levels of course.

Sue was here this morning and contacted Chris Gill about her computer ~ she suspects she's been hacked into, and then been offered repairs for a cool £250 !

Suddenly, and to our great delight WINDOW CLEANERS appeared in the yard and cleaned everybody's windows none of which had been done for the best part of two years ~ now all sparkling bright in the sunshine ~ John White and mate ~ he says they'll come every 3 or 4 weeks ~ well worth it for them ~ they will have earned nigh on £100 in this yard today.  My only criticism is that the same buckets of water seem to last for all the properties ~ fortunately I was first and got clean water ~ to my offer of fresh water for the next house, they said No, no ~ this will be fine.

I'm deep into another of Susan Hill's "Simon Serrailler novels ~ book 5, 'The Shadows in the Street' # gripping !

Thursday afternoon : all sorted out for Bill and Suzie's vist on 20th.21st ~ after a bright sunny day it is suddenly cold ~ I've just put the heating on and I'll have a bath before supper.   Booked transport at last for next trip to Bridlington Eye Clinic on 11th and tidied up various admin chores but otherwise a rather floppy day.   

Crystal's House ~ beautifully restored

Crystal's House ~ beautifully restored